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Al-Jaafari: Turkish Government Carries out Piracy, Economic Terrorism against Syria

NEW YORk, (ST) - The criminal acts perpetrated by armed terrorist groups in Syria have reached a dangerous level and the suspicious goals, which some states have been keen to achieve through backing terrorism and extremism in the country, have been uncovered, underlined Syria's Permanent Representative at the United Nations Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari.

In the statement of the Syrian Arab Republic at the UN Security Council's session held on Tuesday under the chairmanship  of Pakistan's Foreign Minister, al-Jaafari said 'the terrorist groups in Syria seize the chance of holding the Security Council's meeting every time to commit their crimes against the Syrians and this is what happened today when a horrible terrorist attack hit Aleppo University claiming the lives of 82 students and wounding more than 162 others, who were there to do their exams.

During the session, which was held under the title "Adopting an all-out Policy to Combat Terrorism", al-Jaafari had the opportunity to express the Syrian government's condemnation of the terrorist attack which targeted the Pakistani city of Quetta. He pointed out that the tools being used by the terrorists in many countries member in the UNSC are very similar to those used by armed terrorist groups in Syria.

Al-Jaafari added that the terrorist groups in Syria targeted the vital utilities and the infrastructure in several areas to cause an-all out destruction and undermine all living sources of the citizens. They also targeted international humanitarian assistance provided by the UN, assassinated Syrian Red Crescent volunteers, attacked civil planes, threatened international workers and diplomatic missions in Syria and committed all kinds of crimes against the Syrian people aiming to destroy the Syrian state and society not to disseminate democracy and make reforms as they allege. 


Terrorism Support

The UN Syria Permanent Representative said that despite the late international recognition of the existence of armed groups and al-Qaeda linked terrorists committing horrible crimes in Syria, some countries openly keep financing, arming, sheltering and training these terrorist groups and providing them with political and media support.

He pointed out that al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group of "Jabhet al-Nousra" has announced responsibility of committing many terrorist crimes in Syria, pointing out that the US Channel (CNN) and some western research centers have recently stressed that " Jabhet al-Nousra" is responsible for 600 terrorist acts committed in Syria during the past two years.

"We repeatedly warned at UNSC meetings of the danger of extremist terrorists being smuggled into Syria to undermine the state and target the diversity and strong cohesion which distinguish the Syria society," al-Jaafari said. "We also called on the countries, which back terrorism, to stop their support and urged the Security Council and the parties concerned in fighting terrorism to shoulder their responsibilities in this respect, but certain influential states have blocked the adoption of practical steps to put an end to the terrorism being practiced in Syria and even prevented the issuance of some condemnation statements," he added.


Turkish piracy

Al-Jaafari affirmed that the Turkish government has exploited the suffering of the Syrian people to carry out acts of piracy and economic terrorism represented in its collusion with armed groups to steal some 1500 industrial and pharmaceutical facilities and move them from Aleppo to Turkey. He stressed that such criminal acts, which target the living of the Syrian citizens, necessitate a decisive response by the Security Council aiming at forcing the Turkish government to bring back the stolen properties to their Syrian owners and provide compensation to the victims.

He pointed out that these Turkish piracy practices constitute an insult to the Turkish people and negatively affect neighborhood relations between Syria and Turkey.

"Regional and international intervention in Syria's internal affair has become blatant and ignoring some countries violations of the simplest principles of international legitimacy has become shameful, Al-Jaafari concluded, wondering how  terrorism can be fought in Mali while the same terrorism in Syria is being supported and encouraged.


H. Mustafa