Austrian President Calls for Dialogue to Find a Solution to the Crisis in Syria

VIENNA, (ST) - Austrian President, Heinz Fischer, called all influential forces in Syria to sit at the negotiating table to find a solution to the crisis so that the Syrian people can achieve their wishes and desires.

In a speech marking the new year in front of foreign diplomatic missions accredited in his country, President Fischer  confirmed that all those who wish to stop the violence and interested in the future of the Syrian people have to support the sitting of influential forces on both sides of opposition and the government to the negotiating table and dialogue to reach a permanent solution to the crisis .

President Fisher stressed that attempts to replace the regime in Syria with another system through military force can't be the solution that achieve the wishes of the Syrian people.

As far as the Palestinian side, President Fisher  addressed barbs to the Israeli occupation authorities which continue the policy of settlement expansion in the occupied Palestinian territories and called on them to respect international resolutions concerning the halting of settlement.

Austrian President pointed out that the majority of the world voted in favor of the accession of Palestine as an observer at the United Nations, adding that the international community doesn't  allow to expand Israeli settlement in reaction to the approval of the majority of the world on the accession of Palestine to the United Nations.

Sh. Kh.