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Political Program is a genuine initiative to Solve Crisis,says Mikdad

DAMASCUS, (ST) –"the political program to solve the crisis in Syria proposed by President Bashar al-Assad has revealed the truth of those who were talking about peaceful solutions in Syria and showed that they support only terrorism and killing innocent Syrians,"said Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Dr. Fayssal Mikdad

In a statement released on Monday, Dr. Mikdad made it clear  that an opportunity to  solve  the crisis is available if the United Nations practically wanted to contribute to a peaceful solution, and this opportunity is represented in the clear Syrian political program which paved the way for the Syrian people to shape their future to reflect the opinion of the majority of the Syrians and the international community.

"the political program is a genuine initiative aimed primarily at starting a political process to end the standing situation and make the opinion of the Syrians and the elections box the place where issues related to governing Syria are settled,"added Mikdad.

He added that the UN Envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, after his recent meeting in Geneva talked on behalf of Russia and the United States and said that they agreed on a political solution which is the essence of the Syrian program which is based on the UN Charter, the international legitimacy principles, the UN Security Council resolutions and Geneva Statement and the interest of the Syrian people in the first place.

Mikdad called for adding Turkey to the states which support terrorism after it has changed the camps which it made under the pretext of receiving refugees into training camps for terrorists.