President al-Assad has outlined 'important initiative', says Zinin

MOSCOW,(ST)_ Russian Professor has said President Bashar al-Assad's speech delivered today is important and includes initiative to halt violence. 

Professor and Intellectual at the International Relations University of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Yuri Zinin, told SANA reporter: "The President's speech contained a very important  initiative to halt violence in Syria and avoid deteriorating situation."

He sees that regional and international powers have to listen to this speech to end foreign meddling in Syria's affairs, noting that the  continuation of meddling would increase number of victims and it would be difficult to stop violence then.

The professor hoped that the whole world would read the speech carefully and correctly.

He cited that the speech is addressing all Syrian citizens including those who really seek democratic changes. 

"President al-Assad has not left out, in his speech, voicing thanks  to Russia, China, Iran and other countries that stand by Syria and defend principles of justice and right in international relations," Zinin said.

He added that Syria has turned to be a target for a fierce aggression launched by international terrorist forces that flew- like ravens- from all over the world and alighted on the Syrian land which has a great history.

President al-Assad delivered on Sunday a speech at the Opera House in Damascus in which he set out a plan including national dialogue conference and a new government, but demanded regional and western countries stop funding and arming terrorist groups in Syria first.

The President said that Syria is in a state of war in every sense of the word, adding that:""The nation is for all and we all must protect it."

Basma Qaddour