Fresh measures to slide prices, says PM

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Prime Minister reassures Syrian citizens that there would be a fresh economic procedures to enhance national economy.

Dr. Wael al-Halqi stressed that the procedures would have positive impact on Syrian Pound exchange rate and slides the prices of different items.

"Cooperation with government is essential to prevent monopolization of items or smuggling them through borders," the Premier said, noting that there are strict measures to combat corruption.

The premier's remark was made during a meeting with Secretary General of the Syrian Communist Party, Dr. Ammar Bekdash and the Politburo's members.

According to SANA, the meeting dealt with the importance of the Progressive National Front's parties' communication with all Syrian components to quit the crisis as soon as possible.

"National parties have to play a pivotal role in enhancing the culture of dialogue and national reconciliation to preserve Syria's unity, stability and security," the PM said.

He underlined that the government has worked tirelessly to meet citizens' basic needs despite the unfair sanctions imposed on the Syrian people.

Dr. al-Halqi also cited great efforts being exerted by the government to repair what has been damaged by the terrorist groups.

For his part, Dr. Bekdash praised government's economic procedures and the Syrian Arab Army's role in protecting the homeland's security and stability.