US designates " Jabhat al-Nusra' front a terrorist group

The US State Department has  designated the Jabhat al-Nusra group fighting the Syrian  government a foreign terrorist organization .

The State Department says Jabhat al-Nusra (or the "Nusra Front") is essentially a wing of Al Qaeda in Iraq, the "jihadi" group that flourished in Anbar Province after the US invaded to topple the  regime of Saddam Hussein. During the Iraq war,according to Yahoo.

The terrain, both actual and human, is similar on both sides of that border, and the rat lines that kept foreign terrorists  and money flowing into Iraq from Syria work just as well in reverse. Now, the" jihadis" who fought and largely lost in Iraq are flocking to Syria .

Most of the money or weapons flowing into the country for terrorists  has come from Gulf states like Saudi Arabia and Qatar and some of that support, of course, has ended up in the hands of "Jabhat al- Nusra".