Follow-up committee discusses steps to launch national dialogue conference in Damascus

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ The follow-up committee, which was formed  by the National Dialogue Conference recently convened in Tehran, has agreed on practical steps to launch a comprehensive national dialogue in Damascus  to reach a solution to the crisis in Syria.

According to SANA, the committee's first meeting in which representative of political and popular parties took part accepted to form central committees and sub-ones, as a first step, to launch a comprehensive national dialogue.


These committees are going to define inside and outside Syrian parties and convince them to attend the dialogue, besides the main task related to draw up an agenda for a new national conference to be held in Damascus.

Moreover, the participants in the meeting held in Damascus on Sunday decided to call the newly formed committee "A Committee for following up a comprehensive national dialogue"

They also called for presenting a memorandum to Foreign Minister to daily broadcast two TV programs on the comprehensive national dialogue committee's works, and Syrian opposition.

In addition, the participants reviewed means of communication with all political parties inside and outside Syria, launching a national dialogue based on agreed principles, and following up the implementation of results of the National Dialogue Conference held in Tehran.

The other important points discussed in the meeting are related to launching a Syrian national initiative for reconciliation far away from foreign intervention, and reaching foundations to halt all forms of violence.

The meeting is described by the MP, Khaled al-Abboud, as a platform for an open dialogue among all political parties to solve the crisis in Syria.

Speaking in the meeting,the MP, Fasial Azzouz, hoped that the conference to be held in Damascus would complete what the Syrian national parties have started in Tehran according to the principle of not excluding any political party rejecting violence.


For his part, Chairman of the National Initiative for Syrian Kurds, Omar Ossi, suggested to set up a politburo and secretary for the committee that  include all the participating popular and political spectrums to help follow up the committee's work.

Other suggestion was made by Head of the National Youth for Justice and Development Party, Barwin Ibrahim, who called for combatting corruption and find solution to the crisis.

He added that the Syrian media should be transparent in dealing with the events and give chance to all parties to express their viewpoints.

In this regard, Head of the Great Syria's People Bloc, Sana'a Nasser, talked about youth commissions' role in communication with several Arab countries to explain the reality of what is going on in Syria.

Representative of the opposition Third Bloc, Mazen Mughrabiyeh, considered that the current problem facing Syria is a political one that should be solved through holding a serious national dialogue conference in Syria,

A serious national dialogue conference means, as the Head of the Peaceful Change Path Bloc, Fatih Jamous, said: "the participation of decision-making parties in dialogue to reach a solution to the crisis."

On the other hand, Chairman of the Secular Social Democratic Bloc, Nabil Fayad, asserted the necessity of addressing decision-making centers abroad and the public opinion to clarify what is going on in Syria and the crimes committed by the armed groups.

"Documents on the armed groups' crimes against the Syrian people have been submitted to some U.S. Congress members," said Fayad, noting positive step recently adopted through adding the so-called "Jabhet al-Nosra" that affiliates to al-Qaeeda to terrorist groups' list.

He also sees that it is necessary to form a civil party representing all Syrian society spectrums that opposes imposing hegemony over the Syrian people in the name of religion.

Another significant proposal to launch an economic project coinciding with political solution was presented by, Maher, Merhej, Secretary-General of the Syrian National Youth Party.

He cited efforts exerted by the party to communicate with armed opposition groups, stressing that 175 armed groups have expressed readiness to reject the Doha Coalition.

It is worthy to note that the National Dialogue Conference held in Tehran on November 20-21 agreed on forming the follow-up committee to prepare for holding a comprehensive national dialogue in Damascus.