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Miqdad: Syria is Fighting against Terrorism to Maintain its Sovereignty, Independence

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Faisal al-Miqdad stressed that "Syria today is fighting a battle against armed terrorist organizations in order to preserve its sovereignty, independence and resources."

In a seminar marking the 47th foundation anniversary of the General Federation of Women (GFW) Miqdad added that Syria’s victory over these terrorist organizations can not be attained without the role of Syrian women, pointing out that these organizations, which are killing humans "based its backwardness and practice primarily on controlling women.

He pointed out that the foundation of the GFW in 1967 was a quantum leap in the history of Syria, in marking a long road and turning point of the country, pointing to the great achievements of Syrian women "amid the rubble of Arabic reactionary, where the Syrian woman has been a role model in making sacrifices towards nation-building and promoting its steadfastness. "

He called for putting an end to all restrictions on the rights of women left by the laws and negative effects, especially those that have been formulated under the Ottoman and French occupation, pointing to Syria's accession to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and her aspiration to take her due role and status in all communities.

He indicated President Bashar al-Assad’s oath-taking speech stressed the inevitability of the victory over terrorism,shaping the restoration of nation-building, develop a strategy for the promotion of state institutions and the elimination of corruption, pointing out that president showed the challenges of the next phase and started from people’s aspirations and their will.

Miqdad considered that the so-called "Arab Spring" has turned into " Arab catastrophe and a real shame in modern Arab history" wondering, if Arab Spring is maintained by sever ties of Tunisia and Egypt with Syria only if the one who came to power performs the role set for him and that history will prove that it is purely an Israeli role.

He asserted that Israel itself is a weapon of mass destruction in the region and the so-called "Arab Spring" aimed at killing the Arabs by this weapon, as confirmed by the Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and its use of internationally prohibited weapons without objection or condemnation of " civilized European countries " which see  Israel as defending itself itself.

Miqdad wondered why those who call themselves as "jihadis" did not try to defend Gaza, noting that the camps of Palestinian refugees in Syria have been the target of armed terrorist organizations since the beginning of the crisis, stressing that it is not possible to separate the Palestinian cause from what is going on in Syria.

He explained that the terrorism which strikes Syria has become a matter of concern for all humanity and those who are conspiring against Syria, will be very soon the victims of these schemes, calling on the Syrian people to unite in the face of terrorism and in the fight against corruption, pointing to the importance of national reconciliation, which has expanded in several areas.

For her part, GFW head Magda Qutait indicated the role played by GFW under terrorist war faced by Syria and its efforts in prioritizing families of the martyrs through the establishment of programs and projects that enable them to secure decent employment opportunities.

 T. Fateh