Indo-Palestine Friendship Society/ Statement

Several activists associated with Indo-Palestine Friendship Society, National Panthers Party, Legal Aid Committee and Advocates held a massive rally in New Delhi to condemn Israeli aggression against Palestinians residing in Gaza. Addressing the political and social activists, Prof.Bhim Singh, Chairman of Indo-Palestine Friendship Society & Chief Patron of National Panthers Party condemned the Israeli aggression against Palestine demanded urgent intervention by the United Nations to stop genocide of the innocent civilians Palestinians residing in Gaza.

Prof.Bhim Singh had remained closely associated with Yasir Arafat for nearly 25 years and a staunch supported of the cause of the people of Palestine to establish a statehood for Palestine. He said that Palestine did exist for thousands of years and its division by the big powers in 1948 under UN resolution 181 was one of the greatest tragedies in the history of United Nations.

He urged the NAM countries to convene an urgent meeting to review the dangerous situation created in Gaza following Israeli aggression.

The Indo-Palestine Friendship Society also passed a unanimous resolution condemning Israeli aggression and demanding implementation of all resolutions of the United Nations relating to Israeli occupation namely Resolution no.338, 242 and others. The Resolution also expressed full sympathy and support to the people and the government of Palestine in their struggle to establish a sovereign state of Palestine.


M. Wassouf