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Syrian Arab Army Launches Large-Scale Operation in Daraa's Nawa City

PROVINCES,(ST)_Military sources have confirmed continuation of a large-scale operation  in Nawa city in southern Daraa provinces and foiling terrorists' infiltration bids into safe areas in Aleppo and outside Homs.

The official news agency reported today that army units started a large-scale operation against terrorist groups in Nawa city and surrounding hills in Daraa province.

Terrorists sustained heavy losses in the ongoing operation, a military source said.

Infiltration bids foiled

Meanwhile, the army units shelled terrorist groupings in Daret Ezeh, al-Atareb, Hritan, Ezaz, Mare'a, Tal Ref'at , Deir Hafer, Khan al-Asal and Bani Zied and warded off an armed terrorist group's infiltration attempt into safe areas in al-Ramoseh.

A military source declared that many terrorists were killed in the said areas, noting that a bulldozer for terrorists in al-Sheikh Sa'eed area was destroyed by an army unit.

Other infiltration bids by terrorist groups into al-Waer orchards and into a garrison near al-Dwer junction outside Homs province were also foiled by the army units.

The confrontations coincided with targeting terrorist groupings in the eastern countryside of Homs and in towns of Taldo, al-Khaledeyeh, al-Dar al-Kabira, Talbeseh and al-Rastan outside Homs as well as in Kafr Najd, Nheleh, Bennesh and al-Ma'arrah town outside Idleb.

A military source said that a large number of terrorists were killed and injured in al-Ma'arrah town.

Situations of some 30 gunmen regularized

Last night, the agency reported that the competent authorities regularized situations of about 30 gunmen from al-Qameshli city in Hassaka countryside.