Minister al-Zou'bi: War in Syria between State and al-Qaeda and Doha Coalition




DAMASCUS, (ST)_ The war in Syria is but between  the State and who support its logic, on one hand and al-Qaeda and Doha Coalition, which represent the collective political leadership of "Moslem Brothers", seeking to bring back their black history in Syria, declared Minister of Information, Omran al-Zou'bi.

Minister al-Zou'bi, during his meeting with SANA staff here Sunday, reiterated that there is no veto against the appearance of opposition figures on official media outlets, provided that such appearance isn't to breach into the national sovereignty, represented by the Syrian National Flag, Anthem, Army and Presidency, saying '' apart from this, everything can be covered and presented and with all courage and openness''.

"The task of journalists is to convey the whole picture and reality about every event on the ground," said Minister al-Zou'bi, pointing out that there are no ''red lines'' for media coverage, provided that it will not breach into national sovereignty.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim