Syria is making progress in its war against terrorism, says PM

DAMASCUS, (ST) –Services and development situation in Daraa province were the main issues discussed by Prime Minister, Dr.Wael al-Halqi, and a popular delegation from Daraa province on Saturday.

According to SANA, the delegation's demands focused on opening more branches for Damascus University in Daraa, setting up health and culture centers in some areas, carrying out sewage projects and ensuring   job opportunities.

The Premier asserted the government's keenness on following up the aforementioned demands according to the priority and available capacities.

"The government is doing its utmost to provide the Syrian people with basic needs and requirements, including food materials, medicine and oil derivatives, despite current circumstances and the economic sanctions," said Dr. al-Halqi.

Talking about the ongoing crisis from a political aspect, the premier said: "Syria is open to all local, regional and international initiatives to solve the ongoing crisis through dialogue and the rejection of violence and foreign intervention".

He asserted that Syria is facing a global war and a takfiri thinking that instigates terrorism that contradict with the essence of Islam and the holy religions' calls for tolerance and amity.

"Syria is making good progress in its war against terrorism and the armed terrorist groups thanks to the armed forces' sacrifices and steadfastness," said the premier.

The delegation members voiced rejection to extremism and violence, stressing their adherence to their national stances and their confidence in Syria's ability to overcome the crisis and restore its security and stability.

Basma Qaddour