Dialogue is the only outlet to resolve the crisis in Syria




The dialogue among Syrians is indeed the best if not the sole way out from the crisis in Syria, which is imposed – and indeed caused by foreigners. The differences among the Syrians are minor ones; hence the majority is committed to the stability, security and welfare of Syria, which is currently a model as far as the so-far introduced reforms, including the laws pertaining to political parties, media, and constitution.  

Rarely could a country witness such a number of reform measures during such a brief span of time. Thus, the Syrian government, majority and national opposition are but a united front in the face of the plots hatched by anti-Syria trouble makers and warmongers. The need is urgent for a boosted coordination, collaboration and joint work among these true components of Syria, the true, real and legitimate representation of the millions of Syrians.

The war against Syria is still unabated, and the few coming days ahead are still difficult; however, the national opposition along with the majority is able to hammer the final nail in the coffin of the conspiracy. The escalated inhumane arbitrary explosions, butchering, and killings by the foreign backed al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists do indicate further that the conspiracy is in its final stages.

And as Minister Ali Haidar of Reconciliation has recently put it all proposed foreign plans and initiatives for solving the crisis in Syria to stop the violence through political means were but a pure Syrian vision since the early days of the crisis. None in the world is entitled to claim concern about the Syrians more than the Syrians themselves; and none has the right to speak on behalf of the Syrians' government more than the caring government itself.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim