Survivors Reveal Details of Terrorists Groups' Massacres in Adra

DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE- People who survived the massacres of the armed terrorist groups in the town of Adra in Damascus countryside unveiled horrible details about the terrorist acts perpetrated by armed terrorist groups, affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra, the so-called Liwa al-Islam and the Islamic Front, against the peaceful people of Adra.

 Their heartbreaking stories tell the terror they felt and the brutality practiced by the armed terrorist takfiri groups which entered the town and slughtered scores of its children, women and old men in the name of Islam.

"They claim that they are Moslems. They say (Allah Akbar) and kill people and attack women children and old men. Anybody can tell me what this has to do with Islam," asked Subhi Salam, an 82 years old man.

“The terrorists stole everything from the houses and attacked women and took us as human shields. I have never seen such painful days all my lifetime," the old man added.

Tearful Maya Salibi, a 12 years old girl, who was among the thousands of people who left Adra on Sunday with the help of the Syrian Arab Army, said "the terrorists captured may parents 12 days ago and we don't know whether they are dead or are still alive."

Maya left Adra with her aunt and her five years-old brother Karim who walked all the way towards the Damascus-Homs international highway.

Ali Bakkar left his house in Adra with a small bag in which he put only his basic needs. He told SANA Correspondent that “we used to live in peace in this place, after we left our houses in Hijira town, but the armed terrorist groups entered Adra and committed horrible crimes against its people. They also destroyed the houses and left entire families homeless.”

With great sadness, Mahmoud Khoulan, a father of six children, described his family's experience as a "hell".

“My wife is sick; there is no electricity, no water and no food, we have stayed several days without food. It is hell," he said.

Hundreds of people who are leaving Adra now were previously forced to leave their original houses in eastern Ghouta villages after the armed terrorist groups there displaced them.

Abeer Salam said "I and my family fled Jobar town and came to Adra seeking a secure place, but it is our fate to have the same experience in Adra."

"The terrorists forced us leave the house and stay in the basements of the buildings. We spent days eating fragments of dry bread," she bitterly said.

"They slaughtered tens of people and threw their bodies in a mass grave behind the sport club of the town," she added.        

 H. Mustafa