Army Units Evacuate Thousands of Citizens from Adra

DAMASCUS-Syrian Arab Army units managed on Sunday to evacuate thousands of citizens from the city of Adra after being under the siege of the armed terrorist groups for more than two weeks, according to a military source.

Terrorists affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra, the so-called Liwa al-Islam and the Islamic Front had infiltrated into the workers' city of Adra on December 11 and committed horrible massacres against families living there. They slaughtered many civilians including state employees and mutilated their bodies. They also burnt many workers' houses.

The source told SANA that army unites moved the citizens to a safe area and spared no effort to provide them with urgent relief and humanitarian assistance.

A large number of the terrorists, who tried to attack the citizens while leaving the city, were eliminated, added the source.

 Kinda al-Shammat, Minister of Social Affairs said that more than 5 thousand citizens living in the residential city of Adra, were evacuated on Sunday with the help of the Syrian Arab army.

"The evacuated citizens are now in a safe place. The ministry has formed a relief operations room in cooperation with the governorate of Damascus countryside in order to provide the citizens with basic relief services," al-Shammat told SANA.

"Not a single international organization has contacted the ministry to know about the humanitarian situation in Adra," She clarified.

H. Mustafa