Bzourieh market in the heart of Damascus: Sweetened, perfumed and … healing

Souk Bzourieh: One of the largest roofed bazaars inside the old city, crossing souk Madhat Pasha in a cross called Madanat alShahm, and ends near Azem Palace. It was built during the Seleucid period 1057 AD, and renewed in the Ottoman period by Husein Nazem Pasha 1895-1911 who has a good hand in covering most of the old souks of Damascus.

In Bzourieh one can buy all kinds of candies, dried fruit, candles of all sizes and colors, in addition to spices and medical herbs.

Damascus is famous for its historical markets, where beside the famous Hamidiya market, other markets, including the Bzourieh market, which receives customers and transmit smells of spices, dried fruits, candies, and carefully selected medical herbs and perfumes.

Islamic Unity Conference: Resistance to liberate Palestine is not separated from resistance to liberate other Arab territories

TEHRAN, (ST)- Participants in the 33rd Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran have affirmed that the Palestinian cause is the Islamic nation's core issue, noting the failure of all attempts to separate the Islamic world from this cause.

In their final statement at the conclusion of the conference, the participants said that the Zionist entity poses a threat not only to Palestine but to all Islamic countries. They called for uniting Islamic countries' efforts in support for resistance against the Zionist-American aggression on the Islamic nation.

Resistance to liberate Palestine is not separate from resistance to liberate other Arab territories occupied by the Zionist entity including the occupied Syrian Golan and Sheb'a Farms in Lebanon, according to the statement.

Authorities in Plamyra Found Palmyrene funerary bust previously looted by ISIS terrorists

PALMYRA, (ST)- Authorities in the Syrian city of Palmyra in Homs countryside have found a Palmyrene funerary bust that was looted by ISIS terrorists from one of the cemeteries of Palmyra and left behind by them when they were driven out of the area by a major military operation by the Syrian Arab army.

According to the Secretary of Palmyra National Museum Khalil al-Hariri, the funerary bust, which dates back to the 12th century AD, is perfectly made of hard limestone. It is a bust of a man who wears the ancient Palmyrene clothing. He has a beard, a mustache and a straight nose and he holds a key in his left hand while his right hand is put on his chest, al-Hariri said.

Two blasts hit Aleppo countryside, leaving casualties

ALEPPO, (ST)_ At least 15 civilians were martyred and several others wounded as a blast hit al-Bab city in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo where the Turkish regime-backed terrorist groups exist.

According to local sources, a car bomb exploded this morning inside the garage of al-Bab city, killing 15 civilians and wounding several others.

The UNGA renews vote on Syrian sovereignty over occupied Golan, demands occupation authorities to halt using its resources

The UN General Assembly renewed its vote with an absolute majority on Syria's sovereignty over the occupied  Syrian Golan, calling on the Israeli occupation authorities to halt exploiting its mineral resources, endangering them or spoiling them. The Resolution was adopted by the economic and financial committee of the UN General Assembly as 156 states voted for, six states voted against and 14 states abstained.

The Resolution demands that the UN Secretary General present a report to the 76th session of the UN General Assembly regarding the accumulative effect of the Israeli occupation authorities' exploiting of the occupied Syrian Golan resources and spoiling them.

The resolution also stressed the Palestinian sovereignty over the occupied Palestinian territories.