Syrian Sculptor Nizar Ali Badr Nominated for Prize in Canada for Best-Selling Picture Book

DAMASCUS-The Syrian international sculptor Nizar Ali Badr has been nominated by the Rocky Mountain Foundation in Canada to its annual prize along with the Canadian writer Margriet Ruurs for their book “Stepping Stones” as it is one of the top five books sold in 2016 in Canada.

 “Stepping Stones” unique picture book was inspired by the stone artwork of Syrian artist Badr, discovered by chance by the Canadian children’s writer Ruurs. The author was immediately impressed by the strong narrative quality of Mr. Badr’s work, and, using many of Mr. Badr’s already-created pieces, she set out to create a story about the Syrian refugee crisis, according to SANA.

Artists' Effective Role in Confronting Terrorism, Extremist Mentality Stressed

DAMASCUS– Prime Minister Imad Khamis underlined the importance of artworks as representative of states’ civilizations and a way to express the peoples’ aspirations and deep-rooted history.

Khamis made his remarks during a meeting with a delegation of Arab artists visiting Syria, according to SANA.

He noted to the artists’ key role in shedding light on social and economic situations and conveying citizens’ suffering and concerns through different art forms such as drama, theatre and cinema.

Syrian, Palestinian Artists Depict Adherence to Homeland in " The Road to al-Quds' Exhibition

Around 60 art works made by 30 Syrian and Palestinian artists have been featured in "The Road to al-Quds' exhibition opened Monday in Damascus within the activities of the 3rd Palestine International Festival for Art and Culture to commemorate the 69th anniversary of the Nakba Day (The Day of Catastrophe).

The works depict adherence to land, homeland and heritage, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), which clarified that there is a large wall mural showing the Dome of the Rock, the occupied al-Quds city [Jerusalem], Palestinian children throwing stones, Palestinian woman and her sacrifices for homeland and olive tree that represents steadfastness.

Australia Hosted 1st Syrian Film Festival

Over the past two weeks, HOYTS Cinema in Australia’s Sydney city has hosted the first ‘Syrian Film Festival’ during which three films directed by Basil al-Khatib have been screened. 

The films screened during the festival were: "Mariam", "Syrians" and "The Father", according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), which clarified that Syrian actors and actresses- Basil al-Khatib, Sabah al-Jazaeri, Dima Qandalaft, Mayson Abo As'ad, who took part in the films, were honored.

The agency reported today that the festival was organized by the 'International Shaam Group' and it was attended by Syrian and Arab communities in Australia.

Lebanese Journalist: My Book Proves Syria Faces Big Colonial Scheme

The story of war on Syria, regional and international circumstances, anti -resistance camp  and terrorism are the main topics, which the Lebanese journalist Thorayya Assi has talked about in her book entitled 'Tale of War'.

According to the state-run Tishreen newspaper [in Arabic], the 676-page book contains articles published by the writer since 2011 till 2016.

"Since 2011, the vision has been clear for me. The so-called revolution was but a big colonial scheme to destroy and fragment Syria  and to deflect it away from resistance track in order to protect Israel," Assi said.