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Syrian Artist Presents Religious Art Icon for Alexandria Church of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg- Syrian artist Mohamed Abdul Salam presented a religious art icon for the Church of St Catherine of Alexandria at the Russian city of Saint Petersburg.

According to SANA, the icon was presented on behalf of the Syrian people in recognition of the Russian positions in support of the Syrian people amid a mass and official ceremony.

Vanguards’ celebrations Throughout Homs Countryside

Coinciding with the victories of our hero army throughout Syria and marking  March and April celebrations ,the Vanguards second region committee in Wadi al-Nasara region has recently carried out its annual exhibition .

Head of the Vanguards  Area Committee, Mr. Shahadi Wassouf said: "This annual meeting, which is hosted annually by one of al-Wadi villages, is but a turning point in our avant-garde work And an important opportunity to evaluate the past stages in the work process of the educational units.

Holding these activities help to show the students' talents and give them the opportunity to develop these talents and guide them appropriately”.

He went on to say:” We aimed to strengthen their love of life regardless of the hardships they have experienced during the past period, so despite all the dire conditions that have beset our country, our activities have not stopped and the terrorist acts have not intimidated us”.

5th Edition of Youth Cinema and Short Films Festival to Kick off Friday

DAMASCUS-The fifth edition of the Youth Cinema and Short Films Festival will kick off on Friday at Dar Al Assad for Culture and Arts in Damascus.

52 films from 5 countries in addition to a number of Syrian films will participate in the Festival.

According to SANA, the Festival is held by the Ministry of Culture and the National Film Organization in cooperation with Dar Al Assad and will continue till May 3.

Actress Nadin Khouri One of the Pillars of Syrian Drama

The Arab Cultural Centre at Abou Roumaneh in Damascus recently held dialogue evening with famous Syrian actress "Nadin Khouri" to highlight her eventful career and to honor her as one of the pillars that contributed to the development of the Syrian drama and the country's art life in general.

During the evening, Khoura was awarded by the Ministry of Culture with a certificate of appreciation and a shield of honor for her works over the past forty years during which she starred in140 TV series, 10 movies, and two plays. 

The talented actress Nadin talked about her family, saying "I grew up in Damascus within a family which liked culture and literature and respected dialogue and traditions". "This encouraged me to enter the world of acting. At the age of fifteen, I started working in TV commercial advertisements with my late brother George Lutfi al-Khouri," she added.

"Artisans for the Environment" Exhibition in Lattakia


An "Artisans for the Environment" Exhibition has recently been held in Lattakia.

The Syria Times e-newspaper toured the exhibition and met a number of participants in the event who stressed the importance of holding such an events to show the sweetness of the spirit among the Syrian artists and their commitment to the environmental issues.

Engineer Maya Yassin, head of Environmental Awareness Department at the Environment Directorate, said: "We are seeking, within the plan of the Environmental Awareness Department in the Environment Department, to raise the level of environmental awareness among citizens through holding various activities in the form of environmental initiatives such as cleaning campaigns in the streets and neighborhoods, exhibitions, tours and interactive activities within schools.