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The storyteller" al-Hakawati" sees that his profession is a mini theater to provide sermons and good values

Damascus, ST- Ahmad Al-Lahham,a storyteller spent his life in telling  ancient stories by focusing on events and  championships of old known figures . Al-Lahham  loves his work very much.He considered it very interesting and  he used to meet visitors of Al-Nawfara cafe  every Thursday  and narrate events and old stories skillfully so  he always succeeds in taking the listeners to a time of nobility and heroism.

Al-Hakawati Abo Sami, who inherited his love of telling stories from his uncle Abo Shaker Snobar, sees that this profession is much more than just to tell stories,  but it is rather a mini theater where the storyteller gives listeners sermons through  indirect messages focusing on good values.

Twenty artistic portraits on Syrian civilization in "Julia Art" Exhibition

In the center of the capital, Damascus, twenty artists gathered to present their artistic paintings, which  decorated with their beauty and distinct colors the corridors of the Julia Dumna Hotel.

At the Julia Dumna Hotel, an art exhibition entitled (Julia Art) opened and continues until January 16, and includes a large number of paintings using various techniques.

Two Syrian plays at the Arab Theater Authority Festival in Jordan

The Directorate of Theaters and Music participates in the 12th session of the Arab Theater Authority Festival in Amman with two theatrical performances of its production; “Three Stories” directed by Ayman Zidan and taken from a text by the Argentine writer and theater director Oswaldo Dracon. The second play is entitled “Kimia” directed by Ajaj Saleem based on the text of Magnetic Fields by the Russian writer Alexander Obraztsov.

On this participation, Imad Jalloul, director of theaters and music at the Ministry of Culture, said:“We appreciate the keenness of the Arab Theater Authority on the participation of the Syrian theatrical performances in the activities that they used to organize in various Arab countries, "noting that the two theatrical performances which participating in the festival fall outside the official competition that stipulates that the text must be written by an Arab writer.

Art and its role in the development of civilization

Greek philosopher Plato said that art is representative of reality

On “Art and its role in Civilizational Development”, Architecture  Marwan Hassan,  Head of the Antiquities Department in Tartous gave a lecture at the Cultural Center in Tartous, in which he emphasized that the Syrian land is rich, since the stone age, in different forms of art that have grown and developed over time.

Hassan pointed out that the primitive man began documenting his daily life and expressing himself through drawings on the walls of the caves in which he lived and through painting animals and hunting scenes.

"Love and poetry" second festival is distinguished by diversity of poems in various themes

Damascus, ST- The poetic texts participating in the  second Festival of "Love and poetry"  were characterized by a variety of subjects which  reflect the richness of the poetic movement as it  simulates  experiences and sufferings of Syrians during  wartime.

The festival was held by the Arab Cultural Center in Abo Rummaneh, where the evening started by the poet Samar Taglibi who read texts that denoted emotional affection and expressed social and humanitarian cases in addition to describing Damascus as a national symbol.