Syria Brings Artists Together

Over the past few years, scores of Arab artists have participated in art exhibitions held in Syria to say that they wish the restoration of peace and stability to the country and to show the beauty of the cradle of civilization [Syria] in their works.

One of these exhibitions kicked off Sunday in the cultural center of Homs city under the slogan 'Syria Brings Us Together'.

About 46 Syrian, Iraqi and Palestinian artists are taking part in the exhibition organized by the cultural 'Mada' project and the Directorate of Culture in Homs city , which had been cleared of terrorists last May.

Fourth Syrian Popular Heritage Festival Concluded

Minister of Culture Mohammad al-Ahmad has underscored that countries, which have deep-rooted culture, such as Syria are target countries, but they will remain steadfast.

 “Culture has played key role in enhancing Syrian people’s steadfastness over the past years,” al-Ahmad said during the opening ceremony of the 4th Syrian popular heritage festival kicked off last Sunday at Khan As'ad Pasha in the old city of Damascus.

Basalt Sculpture Forum in Sweida: Culture of Life and Beauty vs Culture of Death and Terrorism

SWEIDA- The Second Central Basalt Sculpture Forum currently held in Sweida province  represents an artistic message which expresses the Syrians' abilities and insistence  on presenting  the culture of life, beauty and innovation in the face of the culture of death,  killing, destruction and terrorism.

The event, in which 11 sculptors from different Syrian provinces  are taking part, is held by  the education directorate in Sweida in cooperation with the fine Art Institute in the province. It is due to last till 26-July.

Shaaban: Recall of Ancient Syrian Artistic Identity is a Form of Resistance

Around 43 Syrian artists from all provinces have gathered in an exhibition opened Saturday evening in Alefnoon Gallery in Damascus.

The exhibition, which will last till July 20th, includes plastic art paintings, sculpture works, classic calligraphy and modern digital art, according to the state-run Tishreen newspaper [in Arabic].

The paper quoted the Presidential Political and Media Advisor Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban as saying that she is happy to attend the exhibition in which 43 artists from all Syrian provinces, including Raqqa and Der Ezzour provinces, came together to present their art works.

Ghassan Shmeit Finishes Shooting 'Stories from Shelters' Film

Recently, Director Ghassan Shmeit finished shooting his short documentary film ‘Stories from Shelters’, which was produced by the Syrian General Cinema Institution in 2017.

The 30-minute film talks about the suffering of Syrian people, who have been displaced and besieged during the ongoing terror war on the country, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).