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Arabic influence on the Spanish language


If you speak Spanish, you probably speak more Arabic than you think you do. It's not "real" Arabic you're speaking, but rather words that come from Arabic. After Latin, Arabic is probably the biggest contributor of words to the Spanish language.

The Arabic influence on the Spanish language has been significant due to the Islamic presence in the Iberian Peninsula (Al-Andalus) between 711 and 1492 A.D.

Modern Spanish (also called Castellano in Spanish) first appeared in the small Christian Kingdom of Castile in northern Spain during this period of Islamic domination over most of the Iberian Peninsula. As a result, the language was influenced by Andalusi Arabic practically from its inception. The Arabic influence on the language increased as the interaction with Muslims extended, Castilian had never been spoken in the southern area, while Arabic was the dominant language. Although the degree to which Arabic percolated the peninsula varied enormously from one area to another, it is generally agreed that Arabic was used among the local elites (both Muslims and Christians) as the language of science.

Most of the Arabic influence upon Spanish came through the Arabized Latin dialects that were spoken in areas under Muslim rule, known today as Mozarabic. This resulted in Spanish often having both Latin and Arabic derived words with the same meaning.

For example:

Aceituna: الزيتونة

Ajarafe: الشرف

Alacena: الخزانة

Acatar: قدر

Abatanar: بطن

The imprint of Mozarabic and Arabic is evidently more noticeable in the southern dialects of Peninsular Spanish than in the northern ones.


Maysa  Wassouf

Fortifying museums a must,says Moushaweh

Damascus,  (ST) The Budget and Accounts Committee at the People Assembly discussed the  SP285mln plans and projects of Tourism Ministry which are proposed within the investment budget for 2013, as well as the ministry's various activities for maintaining the identity and enhancing the cultural and moral values as well as protecting heritage which is one of the most basis of national reconciliation.

The committee members calls for  increasing the funds allocated  to the ministry stressing the necessity of establishing a satellite channel concerned in the Syrian culture and enhancing cooperation relations with the Ministries of Education and Higher Education so  as to foster a generation aware of their rights and duties.

Minister of Culture, Dr. Lubanah Moushweh clarified that there is an executive program the ministry is working to achieve stressing d that the ministry has fortified the museums that still have all their contents .

The minister went on to say that the Ministry through the Directorate of Antiquities and Museums is working to protect museum collections and guarding the archeological sites pointing to the difficulties  facing the work especially that Syria has 10 thousand archaeological sites some of them are noted  on the world heritage list and others are noted  as part of the national heritage list.

Director General of Antiquities and Museums Directorate, Dr. Ma'moun Abdul-Kareem said that the directorate has taken measures which are universally recognized as accurate and strict measures to maintain the great relics which are scattered over the entire territory of the country Indicating that a huge number of the  pieces are hidden in order to be immune from the dangers that they may be exposed to according to the current circumstances.

Dr. Abdul-Kareem Called for  introducing an academic article on archeology to  the educational curricula and to appoint the graduates  from the colleges and institutes of archeology within  the Ministry of Education to teach this subject .

Amal Farhat

All that glitter is not gold

All that is said is not true, and not everyone  who says can do. There are many metals, but gold is the valuable of all.

Many metals can be polished and painted to seem attractive. The paint makes that rusty metal as valuable and of a high price. But when it is tested, the paint is washed away and the truth appears clearly. This means that honesty pays in the long run.

Whatever the deceit may be, originality, truth and honesty will be the base of anything, as falsehood and dishonesty will be proved that it is untrue.

Let's imgine a building of salt which appears as a true building in its shape. It will not last long. Salt will be washed away and truth will be clear.

The external appearance will not change anything of the origin of the truth. Beauty is not to wear

beautiful clothes. If beauty is to be true, it must be clothed in a moral character.

You may admire a man's stature and his clothes, but the clothing might hide stupidity and foolishness.

The apparel may deceive and truth will remain bright like the sun.

Sh/ Kh

Annual Autumn Exhibition Opened

Damascus –ST .The Annual Autumn exhibition opened on  Wednesday at the Educational Center for the Fine Arts.

 Some144 painters are taking part at the expo. Displaying  different works including photography, graphic, water and oil colors, sculptures and other works.

The exhibition is considered as an opportunity for the pioneers who are over 40 years to exhibit their distinguished works that reflect their creativity and diversity.

   Minister of Culture, Dr. Lubana Mishweh, stressed the importance of holding this annual exhibition as an annual tradition in cooperation with the pioneers of arts who established  themselves in local and international exhibitions.


 Nada Haj Khiddr


Marwan Abu Shaheen

Marwan Abu Shaheen is apparently one of the most important voices in Syrian dupping field.

He graduated form the Higher Institute of Dramatic Science in 1999, then started acting at Remnants Photos Series (Bakaya Sowar) Directed by Najdat Esmaeel Anzour.

His first experience in the theatre field was (Alu Chekhov).

"Theatre is the spirit of the artist, and the artist can't live without theatre", said Abu Shahin.

Any one can be a T.V star if he had a chance, but he may fail when he stands at the theatre.

A Historic Series (Al-Bawasel) was his first experience after graduating.

Acting at the same field is a failure to the artist, so I worked hard to act in different fields and I had a chance to play a starring role in  a series entitled Under the tread foot (Taht almadass), and many other serieses such as Memories of Flesh (Zakerat aljassad), Men are Wanted (Matloub Rejal)…….etc, he added.

Syrian Drama has a prestigious place at all Arab T.V channels, he added.

He sang three songs in comic series called bomb action directed by Faysal Banni alMarjaeh, and his songs met the audience's satisfaction.

Finally, Abu Shaheen played in drama, theatre and Dubbing such as Cleopatra, Detective Conan, Alive, Bab al-Hara part 3, Lawrence of Arabia and Khaled bin alWaleed and many other series.


Maher Taki