Peace from Andalusia

ST_ “Peace, Love, Music, from Andalusia to Syria” overwhelmingly exclaimed the Spanish singer from Athrodeel band to Syriatimes, who hardly speaks English. “Music and love do not need words; they got straight from the heart to the heart”.  Despite all the rumors that Syria is not a safe place, Athrodeel came from Spain and performed from Damascus Opera House, which hosted that exceptional Flamingo night, under the title “Peace from Andalusia”.

A special performance of the short film" Joury" in the Opera house

The film "Joury" is directed by Yazan Anzour and produced by the General Organization for Cinema. Pierre Dagher and Robin Issa played the main roles in the film. The heroine of the film "Joury", is a girl who lost her family and became alone in her city after it was attacked by the terrorist groups. She suffered a lot in her attempt to hide from terrorists and search for a safe place to sleep. She is a little child who still dreams of staying with her parents in spite of the cruel life she suffered after the terrorist aggression on her city.

Raed Khalil awarded a prize in Cartinga Festival in Brazil

The Syrian Cartoonist Raed Khalil had received the honorary prize at the 15th International Cartinga Festival in Brazil.

About 389 artists from 49 countries participated in the Festival. The first and second awards went to Brazil. The third to Australia, and the honorary awards to Syria, Spain and the host country.

Khalil's cartoon painting was characterized by a cynical style with political and social connotations derived from what is happening in the world like crises and wars, and through his cartoon painting Khalil expressed various messages.

The Guardian Spirit of Palmyra, Khaled Al-As’aad

ST_ She was really distressed by the scene of her father’s execution by ISIS, yet she showed patience and dignity. Her name is Zenobia, a small modern queen of a new Palmyra. She is the eldest daughter of Khaled Al-Asa’ad named after the well-known Palmyrene queen. Zenobia declared to Syriatimes “The beheading scene was very painful and tragic, yet a necessary element in the documentation process of ISIS crimes against a devoted guru of Archeology and moreover against human world heritage”. “His loss is not only, a father's loss, it is a loss for all Syrians and all experts in academia and humanity.” She acknowledged with tears.

Reviving Heritage Loom in Art Exhibition in Lattakia

Handloom weaving is a traditional craft for which the Syrians have been famous for thousands of years. It has a special artistic imprint that gives it unique identity.

Aiming at reviving this important heritage craft, the Syrian Plastic artist Ali Hmaisheh recently held an exhibition containing artworks implemented on heritage loom" in cooperation with his son Baher, a Down syndrome patient, at Hishoon Art gallery in Lattakia province.

The artist adopted a new idea in terms of technique and tools aiming to revive this key heritage craft in a new artistic method.

Twenty paintings by the father and the son were turned by artist Hmaisheh into weaved works on heritage loom. Nine of these paintings were done by the son Baher. The works varied between abstraction, expressionism in addition to paintings for famous world artists.

The Syriatimes e-newspaper visited the exhibition and met the artist who said "this exhibition presented a new idea and it was a challenge to present this heritage from a new technical point of view". "It is different from other exhibitions in terms of the visual impact of the paintings on the loom of the traditional rugs from the visual impact of photography” according to the artist.

The exhibition is a cultural and humanitarian situation that showed the need to support the talents of the society’s different categories .

Concerning his son Baher’s participation in the exhibition Artist Hmaisheh underscored that Baher paints instinctively and his participation in the exhibition deepens his relation with painting.

"My son's creative talents of drawing, playing the piano and acting are a great message to the world stressing that the children with Down's syndrome are distinguished individuals with remarkable abilities and talents that need development and care so as to actively integrate these children into society and meet their special needs”, the artist highlighted.

The smile of the little artist Bahr Hmisheh was no less beautiful than the displayed paintings when he talked proudly about his participation in the exhibition. His works included paintings depicting nature and the sea and he expressed his desire to represent Syria in Arab and local exhibitions.

Artist Hamisha is from Lattakia province. He is also a poet and a writer. He participated in a number of local and international exhibitions and festivals on the art of recycling.

Interviewed by : Rawaa Ghanam