Mustafa Ali:" Damascus is in my heart and I am in the heart of history"

Mustafa Ali, a well-known Syrian artist and sculptor , was born in Ugarit, Lattakia, in 1956. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus, department of sculpture, in 1979.

Then, he continued his studies at the Fine Arts Academy in Carrara, Italy 1996.

The artist Mustafa Ali is a member in  each of the Fine Arts Association, the Arab Plastic Artists Union and the Supreme Committee for collectibles in the Ministry of  Culture.

Artist Mustafa Ali has dozens of exhibitions starting in 1988 in  Ishtar gallery in Damascus, then in the nineties  he hold several solo exhibitions in Damascus, Beirut and Amman and after the year 2000  he moved  to  Aleppo, Bahrain and France. Mustafa Ali's   joint exhibitions began in 1987 at the  World  Sculpture Forum   in Berlin and then in the World Forum for sculptors in Valencia, Spain. Also, Ali  participated in the Europe Art  exhibition  in Paris and in the Arab Art Festival in Montreal, Canada.

The sculptor Mustafa Ali got several awards including the Bronze Award at the Sharjah Biennial in 1992 and the Gold Award in Lattakia Biennial in 1997.

The artist Ali  established the renowned  Damascus art center "the Mustafa Ali Art Foundation", which had  attracted visitors  who are interested in culture, art and heritage. Besides, Ali has been chosen recently by the Arabian Business magazine as one of the most influential personalities in the Arab  world  for the year 2014.

Our Vote is our Safty

The plastic artists saw that the upcoming presidential elections are an opportunity through which they express their love to the country and their respect for the Constitution and the continuation of the progress in Syria.

The artist and sculptor Mufeeda Dayoub said that Syrians live nowadays in a democratic atmosphere, in which every person will vote to choose the suitable president who would maintain the security and dignity of the country. Syrians' voice is a symbol of their presence and their ability to engage in life.

It is but Terrorism

Duraid Laham is an outstanding Syrian and Arab artist and he is considered  one of few Syrian artists who contributed to the foundation of the Syrian Arab TV in 1960s. Laham is widely known for his famous character "Ghawar" which is still living in the memory of most Syrians. Laham has a distinguished presence in all art domains either in the theater, cinema or TV till now. Meeting with a great artist such as Duraid Laham, is undoubtedly an opportunity to look at the Syrians' awareness and rich culture. In a recent interview with Tichreen daily, artist Laham talked  about the real situation in Syria and the great suffering of the Syrians for more than three years because of the global war which had been launched against Syria, the country of culture and human civilization.

Laham started his interview with the most important issue on the Syrian arena which is the presidential elections. Where he asserted that the upcoming presidential elections make us close to achieving a serious step towards a real democracy, June 2014 elections to select one of the candidates to be the President of the Syrian Arab Republic is considered a democratic step which will be recorded in the contemporary Syrian political history.

"The Syrian Heritage Days Festivity"

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Without any doubt, Damascus, the oldest living city, is the most important among world cities which deserves to celebrate the World Heritage Day. This festivity was DEDICATED by the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture UNESCO, in April 18th every year.

"Damascus is a city of heritage and civilization and all those who attended the events and activities of the Syrian Heritage Days which have been presented in the most beautiful Damascene heritage sites, must really feel pride and joy. No matter how difficult is the  crisis in our country nowadays, but we have never forgotten our heritage. " The Syrian researcher and historian Marwan Murad said.

Great talent and eventful career

Renowned Syrian actor Abdel Rahman Al Rashi passed away at the age of 83 leaving behind rich legacy through his eventful career in cinema, theatre, TV and radio.

With his death, the Syrian drama has lost a prominent pioneer actor who enriched the Syrian drama, cinema and theatre and left a permanent mark on the Syrian art through his distinguished roles. His eventful career included over 200 TV series and movies, and his booming voice allowed him to perform a number of national songs and anthems that are always screened on Syrian and Arab TVs.

The late actor’s roles were characterized with brutality, strength and evilness. But his real life is completely the opposite.