Workshop on Protection of Cultural Heritage

DAMASCUS, (ST) - In cooperation with the International Scientific Committee to Prepare for Dangers affiliated to ICMOS organization, the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums yesterday  afternoon held an online workshop on the protection of cultural heritage in times of crisis. The event took place in the Damascene Hall of the National Museum of Damascus.
A group of experts representing ICMOS and ICCROM organizations, by online, delivered  lectures addressed to the Managers of Antiquities in the governorates and all concerned bodies with the protection of the Syrian cultural heritage.
In a statement to SANA , General Director of Antiquities and Museums, Dr. Mamoun Abdul Karim said: " This two-day workshop, which includes lectures focused on raising the capacity of Syrian experts in management and response to the effects of the different conflict in their positions and provide them with basic information on disaster management and response to emergency situations as well as setting up a network to repair the damaged heritage.

"This workshop was under the supervision of UNESCO and advisory organizations specialized in the protection of museums and archaeological sites," Abdul Karim said.

"The workshop was held with the participation of 200 specialists from the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums and the University of Damascus in order to listen to the procedures followed globally to protect archaeological sites during crises. 

Dr. Abdul Karim said that his directorate adopted a number of measures to protect museums and communicate with international companies to acquaint with new measures in the domain of ensuring necessary protection for these pieces.
The workshop is a first step in the framework of an integrated program of cooperation between the Directorate of Antiquities and the ICMOS organization to protect Syrian cultural heritage including gathering information on the damaged cultural heritage and forming an entrance to the exchange of technical information.

 Sh. Kh

Syrian Drama wins gold at Arab Radio and TV Festival

TUNIS, (ST) - The Syrian drama has won tow golden awards at the Arab Radio and TV Festival recently concluded in Tunisia.

"Tale' al-Fiddah" written by actor Abbas al-Nouri and directed by Seif Eddin Sbe'i won the top award of  Historical TV Series, while  the golden award of Social and Comedian TV series went to "Raffet Ein" by scenarist, actress and director Amal Arafa.

"Tale' al-Fiddah" depicted the history of Damascus at the beginning of the 20 century and tackled the early beginnings of the Arab Revolution and the end of the Ottoman State. It also focused on the deeply-rooted wonderful state of coexistence among religions in Syria.

In Raffet Ein, Amal Arafa depicted the life of the marginalized and downtrodden people who keep struggling to rid themselves from misery, but unluckily their fates foil them as they experience harsher circumstances.

The festival was organized by the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) in cooperation with the Tunisian Radio and Television Association between December 23 and 27.

It covered a number of events including programs production market, media specialized seminars and the festival contest, as well as honoring a number of media and artistic figures on the occasion of declaring 2012 the year of Arab Radios. 

H. Moustafa


Mushaweh Honors Outstanding dignitaries in Arts and Literature

DAMASCUS, (ST)_In the presence of host of intellectual dignitaries, the Ministry of Culture held an honoring ceremony on Sunday to honor the winners of the State's Iincentive Awards(arts and literatutre) at al-Assad National Library in Damascus.

Writer Fawzat Rizq won the Literature Award while Ahmad Hussein came first in the Criticism and Studies Award and the Rts Award was dropped from the contest.

Addressing the attendees, Minister of Culture, Dr. Lubana Mushaweh made it clear  that ''creativity mirrors the human soul and unveils its cravings and aspirations, 'adding creativity is a rejection of the very moment ---hatred to the intellectual sterilization----it is an open window  for new horizons and renewed experiments.

 "Furthermore,creativity has a controversial bond with the surrounding environment.Hence,creativity is but a production of a creative man that consequently led to world- integrated components harmony in form and content, explained  Mushaweh .

Mushaweh stressed that honoring outstanding figures is a state's duty to those who are excelled in their jobs.

"pioneers in all fields have a vital role in developing countries .In turn,a country has the fertile soil that produces creativity, "said Mushaweh.

"The two state's prestigious awards aim at consolidating a fresh concept for according much attention to arts and literature, "confirmed the minister.

The minister said that the prizes' committee has worked thoroughly and privately around the clock  to examine up to 80 books( novels, stories and collections of poems)presented by contestants.

For their part,Rizq and Hussein voiced  appreciation for honoring ceremony. lauding the Culture Ministry's efforts in promoting creativity.

Born in Suwaida in 1945,Rizq wrote a number of short stories and novels while Hussein,who was born in 1956,is interested in heritage and literature studies.


Adnan Mardambek House for Literature and Art Opens in Damascus

DAMASCUS, (ST) -Within the framework of the Culture Ministry's projects in Old Damascus, Dr. Lubana Mushaweh, the Minister of Culture, recently opened Adnan Mardambek House for Literature and Art.

Culture Minister said in a statement to the press that the project is of great importance as it aims at enhancing the culture of reading to be a main part of youths' life. It also stresses the role of books as a major source of knowledge.

"It is a great pleasure to meet at this Damascene house in which our great poet Adnan Mardambek was brought up to become one of the pioneers of Arab literature," the minster said, affirming that the poet imbibed his great love to Damascus from his father Khalil Mardambek.

Mushaweh appealed to everyone, who has a historical house, to preserve it and resort to the culture ministry with the purpose of opening it to the public for cultural purposes not only for tourism.

 Referring to a similar project called "Levant Book House", which is almost ready in old Damascus, Mushaweh said it was transferred from a small house to a meeting place for youths where they can benefit form the computers and books available to enrich their knowledge.

For his part, Qutaiba Mardambek, the son of poet Adnan Mardambek said this distinguished house goes back to the mid 18th century. It had witnessed the establishment of the Literary League in 1921 which brought together many literary figures of that time.

The ministry is keen to carry out such projects in other Syrian governorates.


Rawaa Ghanam

Syrian Students Pioneered in World Olympiad Scientific Contests


DAMASCUS,(ST)_ The Syrian Scientific Olympiad  has crowned its  achievements for 2012 with several certificates of appreciation, won by members   of the national team in the international Olympiads  competitions in  mathematics, physics and  chemistry. A matter which reflects the evolution of performance at the individual  and team levels in achieving higher scores compared to those of  last year.

Chairman of the National Olympic Commission  Imad Mowaffaq Azab told SANA that the two members  of the  national team for mathematics Mohammed  Yazan Hamsho and Mohammed Kaddour  won two certificates of appreciation for Syria 's  participation for  the second running year in the Asian Olympiad  for mathematics , organized in Japan, while members of the national team  achieved  higher scores in comparison  with their marks     realized in 2011.

He continued that three members of the national team for physics  won certificates of appreciation in  Estonia  Olympiad. They are  Osama Yaghi , Mohammad Razzouk and Ghadir Shabaan , noting that member of the  national Olympiad team for Chemistry  Yazan Ghannam  achieved  35 scores in practical tests in Washington  equaling the mark achieved by the best student in the US to the said Olympiad.

He concluded by saying that evolution in the  performance of the  Syrian Olympiads reflects the quality of the hierarchically  work-based mechanism of  the competitions  and the organization  of  scientific training  and qualification courses under the supervision  of specialized trainers.

Worthy mentioning that most qualified  candidates are  selected  to represent Syria to the  International Olympiads for mathematics  in Columbia, Physics in Denmark,  and chemistry in  Prussia  to be held  in June 2013.

T. Fateh