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Dr. Thaer Zenedine poetry on a lost Linden

Damascus,(ST)-The monthly symposium at the Arabic Cultural Center Abu-Roumana “A Writer and a Stance” on poetry and criticism, was marked this month by the poet and critic Dr. Thaer Zeinedine Tuesday evening, April 9, in the presence of Mr. Malik Sakour, head of the Arab Writers Union, Ms. Rabab Ahmed, Director of the Cultural Center, and some members of the executive office of the Union, a number of writers, poets and critics, and a gathering of interested persons in culture and media.

Art for Creativity and Peace

Homs, (ST) - Under the title “For Creativity and Peace”, the Industrial City of Aleppo is currently hosting the “1st Sculpture Forum”, which is held by the Aleppo Chamber of Industry in cooperation with Aleppo branch of Fine Artists Union.

A number of Syrian artists are participating in the forum with several sculptures and figures that reflect the strength of the Syrian art industry, both in peace and war

Director of the Industrial City Mr. Hazem Al-Ajjan stressed the importance of creating such a forum in light of the reconstruction process that is taking place in the industrial city of Aleppo. The forum also sends a message to the whole world that we (Syrians) are the sponsors of peace and creativity and that the unjust and brutal war that Syria has been subjected to will not kill life and hope inside us. It will not defeat our determination and our will to rebuild our beloved country.

Head of the Union, Mr.  Ahmed Nassif highlighted the importance of plastic art in restoring the originality and beauty of Aleppo which is famous for its splendor of stone-style buildings.

During the forum's first day activities, participants toured the site of the forum and saw the rock blocks taken from the ground of the industrial area. The sculptors were provided with all the needed supplies and equipment.

Amal Farhat

Culture and Dialogue Not War and Destruction Are the Syrians' Language

"Art is not only for entertainment, but for education as well. It is important for people of all ages and it is a natural method for children to express themselves," artist Hiyam Salman , Head of “ I Draw My Dream” Artistic Association in Lattakia province said in a statement to Syriatimes e-newspaper  on the sideline of  the 5th "I Draw My Dream" fine art festival which was recently opened at Dar Al-Assad for Culture in Lattakia province.

Mrs. Salman underscored that the festival reflected a cultural and artistic state which attracted different age categories from 3-33 years old of different social environments with the aim of deepening the love of art as a social and personal need.

Pioneering Initiative by Syrian Creative Engineers

HOMS, (ST) - As part of the technological development that dominates the world as the world's biggest challenge, a group of Syrian engineers are establishing an important engineering project which is, “I am An Engineer” web site, that provides services to thousands of engineers and researchers in terms of presenting up-to-date in the world of engineering research and international experiences that can benefit them in the field of study and scientific research.

To know more about this pioneering initiative, the Syria Times e-newspaper met the project manager, Eng. Bashar Al-Hajji, who said: “I am An Engineer" is considered the largest Arab engineering reference that addressed students and graduates of engineering department in various disciplines in the Arab world.

It was launched more than five years ago with the aim of promoting the engineering thought and knowledge with high accuracy and professionalism, cooperating with the governmental and private academic institutions and specialized engineering centers, as well as, communicating with academic figures to benefit from their experiences and promote engineering thought for a better future”.

Syria.. Home Of Religions And Civilizations

Dialogue and interaction between religions and civilizations is one of the most prominent topics under scrutiny by the elite intellectuals and politicians in the western, eastern and Islamic societies. Civilizations, are open by nature. They influence the others and are influenced by them. History never witnessed a closed civilization, because closure is against the nature of civilizations. Proponents of the dialogue between civilizations excerpt from the words of the German scholar Hans Young: "There will be no peace among nations without peace among religions, and there will be no peace among religions without a dialogue between religions, and dialogue will not be constructive unless it is political, civilized and far from the trap of the ecclesiastical religious dialogue.