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Photo Exhibition in Moscow in Solidarity with Syria

A photo exhibition on Syria was recently held in Moscow in expression of solidarity with the Syrian people. The event was organized by the Russian committee for Solidarity with Syrian people and the Russian Journalists' Union Photo Centre

Sergi Baburin, Chairman of the Russian Committee for Solidarity with the Syrian People said he is deeply concerned over the critical situation in Syria due to the war waged by foreign-backed armed terrorists groups against the country.

He pointed out that holding the exhibition came to express Russia's solidarity with the Syrian people and with the journalists who confront the armed terrorists groups' savage acts with their writings.

For his part, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Committee for Solidarity with the Syrian people Oleig Fermin said the situation in Syria is very worrying, necessitating more solidarity to enable Syria to withstand the current crisis and protect innocent Syrians.

He called for activating efforts to provide humanitarian assistance to the friendly people of Syria to help them confront the unjust economic siege and sanctions imposed by the West on their country.

The Deputy Chairman referred to the serious damages, destruction and losses caused to the country's schools, hospitals, factories and holy places, because of the terrorists' attacks.

For his part, Dr, Riad Hadadd, the Syrian Ambassador to Russia, said holding the exhibition in Moscow consolidates the strong and deep relation of cooperation and coordination between the two friendly countries.

Haddad, who thanked the exhibition's organizing parties for holding this event, pointed out that the exhibition depicts the secure and stable situation which prevailed in Syria before the current circumstances.

He condemned the terrorists' acts of killing, destruction and kidnapping in addition to the crimes of assassinating journalists.

Director of the Russian journalists Union Photo Centre Valeri Ivanovit condemned the threats made by the terrorists against the Russian, Ukrainian and Iranian citizens in Syria, adding that the displayed photos depict Syria' beautiful geographical and social nature on the one hand, and the hostile acts perpetrated by the terrorists groups against this wonderful country on the other.

Rawaa Ghanam

Prestigious prize for cartoonist Khalil in Beirut



Syrian cartoonist Raed Khalil has clinched a World Prize in the 1st Lebanon International caricature Festival which was recently held in Beirut .

The event was held under the title"Poor and Rich".

A large number from 30 countries took part in the said event.

Khalil was born in Salamyain 1973.

Khalil annually organises Syria's Internatiional Cartoon Festival.He took part in arbitration in a number of festivals in Turkey,Iran,Brazil,China,Germany,Azerbaijan,India and other countries.

Khalil also has a prestigious contributions in the Damascus-based papers Tishreen,al-Baath and al-Nour.

Maysa Wassouf

Syrian actors’ distinguished roles

As usual, distinguished Syrian actor Abdul Munem Amayri takes part in important TV roles that unveil his distinguished manner and reflect his prodigious skill and rich culture.

The year 2012 was very prolific for Amayri. He appeared as Mahdi, Samer and Akil in Eye Blink, Naked Spirits and The Hours of Embers respectively moving between three different worlds. Mahdi was the unlucky brother for a sister called Hadiya, (played by distinguished Syrian actress Amal Arafeh). Mahdi falls in a trap following another in his search for money which is quickly spent because he is a gambler. However, he is a simple hearted man who does not know malice.

     In “Naked Spirits”, we found him malicious but misled character who is greatly involved in love, suspicion and revenge.

In “The Hours of Embers”, he appeared as Akil, a character teeming with humanitarian aspects which vanish when he feels injustice and tries to prove that his friend Allam was guiltless. 

Other successful roles for Amayri was in Spotlight  which reflected the great talents of the actor through playing various characters in panels that deal with the people’s social, economic and political aspirations in a daring approach. He also played important roles in “Our Tale Hasn’t Finished Yet” and “The Key” by director Hisham Sharbatji.

Qusay Khuli is another outstanding actor who starred in “Naked Spirits” through the character of Salah, a barber who falls in love by accident with a woman who betrayed her husband.

In “The Hours of Embers”, he played Jaber , the character who focuses on the negative aspects and social illnesses  of the Arab society and means of uprooting them.

Since her role in Khan al-Harir (silk caravansary), Syrian actress Shukran Murtaja has achieved strong presence in many TV series. In 2012, she played a distinguished role in “The Hours of Embers”; she appeared as Um Zein who is a lovely character despite her evil behaviour and search for problems. Another important role she played was Um Abdoh, the miser character who lives on parsley and mint she took from the land of her husband in order to avoid spending any penny.
Syrian actor As’ad Fidda has taken part in a TV series titled “The Blue Lamps”, which he considered a masterpiece of art that sheds light on an important period in the history of Syrian coast. The script was written by Husein Abdul Karim based on a novel written by famous Syrian writer Hanna Minah.


K. Q.

“Syria, Targeting and Conspiracy”

“Syria, Targeting and Conspiracy” is a new book recently published by writer Hussein Juma’a, who stressed that anyone who observed the Syrian crisis since its beginning, would immediately realise that it was a conspiracy that aimed to change Syria’s resistant role in confrontation of the imperialist and Zionist plots hatched against the Arab region with the aim of passing the Zionist project, advocating divisions among Arab states and igniting sectarian wars that serve Israel and its allies.

Dr. Juma’a views that the West and the US, in particular, have been seeking to control the Arab region through sinister plans at all political, economic and cultural levels. At the same time, these projects aim to support the Zionist entity in advocating a colonialist settlement policy in the region.

The current conspiracy against the Arab region came as a development of the previous colonialist projects which are no more convincing to Israel and its allies. So, they invented more malignant and wicked plans to guarantee their domination of the Arab region politically and economically.


Dr. Juma’a said that creative chaos came as a reshaping of the Great Middle East, the New Middle East or the direct military invasion with the aim of re-drawing the map of the region in a way that serves the US and Israel.

One chapter of the book was devoted to deal with the successive US administrations’ policies towards the Arab Homeland. He said that the US administrations have found a good opportunity to achieve their interests in the region through the so-called civil society organizations or internal and external oppositions capitalizing on international differences and social and political turmoil in the Arab societies.

The writer disclosed the US and Western plans in exploiting peoples and plundering their resources under the pretext of combating terrorism. He said,” it is they who create terrorism, violence and killing and call for achieving freedom, but at the same time they restrict the freedom of others in service of their interests as was the case in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and Somalia. The US claims that it did not want to arm the Syrian opposition, but it ordered its regional allies, especially Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to offer all kinds of military aid to it.

In another chapter, Dr. Juma’a tackles the nature of the conspiracy which targets the whole region through creating seditions, divisions and plundering of resources.

Golan, the Key of Peace and War was the title of another chapter in which the writer talked about the strategic importance of Golan, its historical and geographic position which made it the target  of the Zionist greed. He also explained the Israeli measures of annexing Golan and wiping out its genuine Arab identity, highlighting the Syrian people’s complete rejection of the Israeli measures and their insistence to liberate Golan and return it to its motherland Syria.

The writer also addressed the means used by West to carry out its conspiracy against Syria, referring that part of the conspiracy was a fierce media campaign of instigation and misleading implemented through certain channels.

Concluding his book, Dr. Juma’a said that the Syrians will be able to overcome the crisis and emerge stronger thanks to their national belonging and strong belief in tolerance and peaceful co-existence.

Syrian Programmer Designs Website for Fairouz Songs

His love to Fairouz, the worldwide famous Lebanese songstress, led Syrian programmer Hasan al-Arous to design a website special for the words of her songs. The website has so far contained about 80% of Ms Fairouz Albums.

"I'm fond of Fairouz songs," Al-Arous said, adding that he designed the website to provide an example of an attractive Arabic content on the internet that may enjoy the interest of browsers.  

The current copy of the website is developed from that of 2011, al-Arous pointed out.

He stressed that he is keen to design a similar website for Arabic songs in a more interactive way that helps browsers suggest artist’s name, album and song, write the song’s words, check information accuracy and load these information on web page.

The homepage of the website contains the pictures of the covers of Fairouz albums with her songs’ titles, and by clicking the title one can see and read the song’s words, according to al-Arous.

He pointed out that one can also obtain his/her favorite song according to Arabic Alphabet and by clicking the targeted letter one can see the songs which start with that letter.

 A targeted song also can be reached according to the name of the composer or the writer, he said.

Maher Taki