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Why Prophet Mohammad chose Medina as destination

Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) didn't choose to migrate to neighboring cities of Mecca, such as Taif or Abyssinia, but rather he preferred to respond to the call of Medina and to establish the base of Islam over their territory due to several reasons:

First Show of "The Mother" at Cinema City in Damascus

The first show of "The Mother", a movie by famous Syrian Director Basel Al-Khatieb, was opened yesterday at the Cinema City in Damascus by the General Establishment of Cinema.

 Director General of the Cinema Establishment Ahmad al-Ahmad said in a press release "we are opening the official show of 'The Mother' movie to highlight the position of the producing party and the quality of the produced films.”

Arabic Calligraphy: Chosen Theme for the World Arabic Language Day 2014

Arabic calligraphy has been selected as the theme of the 2014 celebration of World Arabic Language Day, on 18 December 2014. The decision was made by the International Advisory Board of the Plan for the Development of Arab Culture “Arabia Plan”, at UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

Dr. Ziad Aldrees, who serves as the President of the Advisory Board and also Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to UNESCO, explained that the decision was made in conjunction with the King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Center. He emphasized the contribution of Arabic calligraphy to global culture, driving art and creativity in human civilizations, throughout history. Dr.Aldrees added that the celebration seeks to draw attention to the beauty and value of the Arabic calligraphy.

Announcing the Forthcoming Publication of Lamb’s “Syria’s Endangered Heritage An International Responsibility to Protect and Preserve”

The past four years of war in Syria have taken a toll-upon a people and a nation, as well as upon an inordinately rich cultural heritage that has come under attack also. Churches, mosques, historical neighborhoods and monuments, archaeological sites_ all have been hit, and in some cases quite hard, Dr. Franlin Lamb, writes in his forthcoming book.

Syrian Hazem Sharif Wins “Arab Idol 2014”

BEIRUT, (ST)-Syrian singer Hazem Sharif was announced late yesterday the winner of season three of the Arab world’s most popular talents show “Arab Idol” aired on MBC Television Network.

Hazem, the 21 years old singer from Aleppo, beat the other two contestants, Haitham Khalailah from Palestine and Majed al- Madani from Saudi Arabia, after getting higher number of votes than the other competitors in the final episode of the show which was attended by some Syrian drama stars.