The Forty-ninth Death

O Homs, I am the incoming death that You will know neither a shape nor a color for my coming…

I will come to you in the morning with the first sun brightness , in the afternoons and probably in the evenings. .. In all seasons with the blazing sun in Summer or with the bitter cold of winter, you will not escape me. I will come in the form of spring breeze or perhaps with hailstones. I will always come with a strong voice that uprooted human beings and stone as well.

Syrian Art Exihibition in Germany Opened

The Syrian visual artist Mohammad Ghannom has underscored that Syria is still presenting civilization, art and culture despite the war and the terrorism that target the country's civilization and culture.

His statements were made during the opening ceremony of his art gallery recently held in Heidelberg city in Germany at an invitation from the Association of Arab Culture and Art Friends.

Story of Syrian officer pursuing terrorists' agent

A Syrian officer has been entrusted with the task of pursuing a young man escaped to a terrorists-held rural area after he assassinated an official in one of the Syrian cities.

The officer succeeds in entering the rural area and sympathizes with the people, who suffer from difficult circumstances there, going ahead with his task to know who is behind the man, who carried out an explosion inside a security building killing the official.

All these events are part of the story of a series to be screened in Ramadan month.

Parts of Umayyad Mosque documented by 3D photogrammetry techniques

The DGAM in cooperation with the French ICONEM architectural firm completed the documentation of some parts of the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus using 3D photogrammetry techniques.

The cooperation between the Directorate-General of Antiquities and Museums and the French architectural firm started by early 2015 where Eng. Yves Ublemann [Director of the ICONEM] trained a team from the DGAM to start the project of documenting the Syrian heritage through methodological sessions of photo-shooting.

12 new national songs in 'My country Syria' evening

A national musical evening entitled 'My country Syria' was held Monday in the Damascus Opera House with the participation of 10 singers plus the choir led by the Eastern Music Orchestra.

The 12 new songs, performed by young singers, embodied patriotism and the beauty of Syria's nature and deep-rooted civilization.