The poet Joseph Elia is a notable Syrian voice abroad

The poems of the Syrian poet Joseph Elia are filled with nostalgia  in the cultural forums in the expatriate, making him an ambassador and spokesman of the Syrian word in the face of extremism and advocates of hatred.

In an interview with SANA correspondent, the poet Elia talks about his concerns abroad, where he revealed the ugly face of expatriation  and how painful it is for a person to be away from his homeland after having been forced to do that, adding that he expresses his concerns through writing  dozens of poems about the expatriation of the Syrians.

Elia affirms that love, art and thoughts are the goal of humankind which will only be achieved by exerting utmost efforts and not leaving the stage to extremists and advocates of hate to spread the poisons of their radical ideologies .

The poet Elia relies on thought and culture to fight the advocates of hate because terrorism is the source of thought of  some extremists, underling the need to trap and limit the evil of their ideas that destroyed entire homelands by spreading counter terrorism  ideas and embracing  those that spread hatred in the media outlets.

Regarding his view of poetry, Elia describes it as the mouth and tongue of life which is uttering the sweetest words, likening the poet to the bee that travels from one flower to another in search of eternal beauty.

The poet Elia believes in the interconnection of music with poetry, as it is impossible to imagine poetry in isolation from the rhythm which gives beauty to the structure of the poem and generates a state of singing when it’s  read or listened, considering that any deviation from these rhythms and controls affects the poem with "cacophony".

Elia  pointed out that he addressed modernity in his vertical poems without feeling the power of form.

It is noteworthy  that the Syrian priest Elia who lives in Germany is from Al-Hasakah. He was honored in some literary forums in Syria, the Arab world and the world. Many Arab singers sang his poems.

Inas Abdulkareem


Plastic artist Seraj El Kandah... a promising talent in Al-Hasaka

 Hasaka governorate has witnessed in the recent years promising artistic experiences that will revive the masterpieces created by creative artists such as Omar Hamdi, Sabri Raphael, Barsom Barsuma and others.

Seraj Al-Kandah, is one of these young plastic artists,who has created a distinguished place for himself at the art scene in Hasaka, as his participations in the exhibitions win the approval and admiration of  art lovers and the artistic community.

Nature and the traditional material heritage of the Syrian al-Jazeera, in addition to portraits, are the main titles of his works in light of his continuous effort to develop and improve his artistic experience.

Al-Kandah explained to SANA that his love for drawing and art started early during the stages of elementary and middle education, and that his drawings at that time had varied between charcoal and oil painting, and covered many topics, indicating that his artistic experience has evolved to become more professional and scientific by joining  the artist, Hassan Hamdan, in the city of Hasaka, who contributed a lot to supporting and developing his experience.

Artist Al-Kandah adds, "Drawing is a talent in the first place, then science and practice come second in order to refine this talent and put it in the artistic template that defines the features of the final work and makes it viable and acceptable by the public," stressing that he adopts realism as a method for his works, as it reflects his daily visions and observations of the people and the environment around him.

Artist Al-Kandah shows that integration in the artistic painting needs precision in choosing the calligraphy, color, and subject, pointing  that art for him is a key to happiness that opens up the horizons for expressing himself, his aspirations and ideas.

He  believes that Al-Hasaka Governorate has experienced a lot of distinctive youth art experiences in recent years, but these  experiences, as he said, need care and attention that they would mature in the optimal form that qualifies them to play a role in the movement of art and creativity in the province.

The artist, Seraj Abdul-Razzaq Al-Kandah, born in Hasaka, 2001, studied at the Music Institute. He has many artistic participations in joint art exhibitions held in Al-Hasaka Governorate.

Amal Farhat

Director Joud Saeed continues to film the “Journey of Yusuf”

Director Joud Saeed  is continuing the filming of his new feature film, “The Journey of Yusuf”, whose idea was inspired by  the prominent  artist Ayman Zidan in cooperation with the director, after filming operations had stopped in line with the procedures to address the Corona virus.

The film, which  is produced by the General Establishment for cinema,  monitors through its  events a grandfather carrying his  grandson in search of lost hope  seeking to find  a better life.

The Orchestra of the Musical Institute “ Sulhi Al-Wadi” celebrates the 16th anniversary of Damascus Opera’s Inauguration

The Orchestra of the  Musical Institute  “ Sulhi Al-Wadi” commemorated with a musical performance , through digital channels and platforms, the 16thanniversary of the inauguration of Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts ( Damascus Opera House).

On May 7, 2004 the opening premiere was on the stage of the Opera  where most of the current musicians in the Syrian bands  were children or adolescents.

  Led by Maestro Andre Maalouli, a classical piece was broadcast through the digital channels and platforms with the aim  of conveying a message that educational work continues despite all the circumstances to graduate  a musical generation that provides  the musical movement with creators.

A unique experience in using drawing with education and artistic design

The artist Sanaa Shannan has a rich and varied experience represented by employing her talent for drawing in the fields of education and artistic design for more than 17 years. Sanaa has mostly lived  abroad.

SANA quoted Shannan as saying that she has loved drawing since she was five years old  and she won many competitions that were carried out by  Al-Baath Vanguards Organization and participated in many artistic camps at that time , noting that the encouragement she had received from the art teachers and the other teachers in her school, who were asking her to draw different parts of the human body to be used in explaining  the lessons, was a great incentive for her to develop her talent.