The seventh cultural Festival "Golan in our eyes"kicked off in Sweida

The Seventh Cultural Festival "Golan in Our Eyes" kicked off at the Arab Cultural Center in al- Sweida. The festival is held by the" Abna'a al- Golan" association. The activities of the first day include the screening of a documentary film entitled "The story of steadfastness". It embodies the steadfastness of our people in the occupied Golan and their attachment to their land, identity and national belonging. The activities also include opening of exhibitions of handicrafts and embroideries of folklore and the local heritage of Sweida.

A Chinese museum hosts an exhibition of Syrian plastic artist for the first time

Amid a huge presence of art lovers, the Jin Ling Museum of Art in Nanjing, the Chinese cultural capital, held an exhibition of the Syrian artist Walid Ali entitled "Step on the Silk Road".

This exhibition is considered as the first of its kind by a Syrian artist in the Chinese cultural city. It includes more than 100 paintings. Most of them portray the artist's old artistic experience of Damascus and the countryside, as well as paintings depicting Chinese nature.

The exhibition attracted a large number of foreign and Chinese visitors during which the attendees from the elite Chinese artists in Jiangsu and Nanjing Province interacted with the artist's presentation of the Syrian civilization.

Book Fair Inauguration, on Fairouz melodious voice

(ST) - The Book Fair has always been a great occasion for all Syrians to get introduced to new titles from all over the world; especially since it brings to mind the great memories of Syria before the war. Therefore, for the third consecutive year the Book Fair under the patronage of President al-Assad, was inaugurated by al-Attar at al-Assad National Library. “Our celebration of the opening of the Book Fair today, after overcoming all adversity, is a celebration of all cultural values that  are carried out throughout the ages - the torch of future.”Dr. Najah al-Attar affirmed in her press statement after the inauguration. She also stressed the importance of such occasions to emphasis the key role of the (book) as a carrier of knowledge and a developer of potential and creativity.

Syriatimes first station was at Syrian Book Commission, “Book Commission is the biggest publishing house!” exclaimed Mr. Mahmoud Abd Elwahed, Minister of Culture Counselor, who also affirmed the Ministry of Culture’s tremendous work throughout the year to organize the Book Fair event, despite all constrictions.

Engraving on wood commemorates the names of loved ones

Who among us has not engraved their name or their lover’s name on a

study bank or on a tree somewhere? The colors of pearl shells and nut wood overlap, to create wooden, oriental, Damascene furniture masterpieces that only its creator knows it for real because it is the production of us own hands production, it is so unique even if similar to another. Each and every masterpiece carries its mark.

Youth and Creativity…Heritage and Coexistence One of the exquisite pieces in progress is “the decorative piece” or as its creator likes to call it “Algardinel”.

"I have a dream"

“Sun” Exhibition of the child Hadi Harfoush

(ST_) "Sun" is the title of Hadi  Bashar Harfoush exhibition, a 9 years old child.The exhibition was hosted by the Arab Cultural Centre in Damascus. It is the first solo exhibition of Hadi Harfoush that includes about forty colored paintings, displaying diverse themes reflecting the inner ideas and psychological state of this talented child.  Hadi used acrylic and oil colors, paper and other techniques which reflect his innocence.

"I express my ideas adding my own feelings to my works, I got these ideas from happy things in my life, but I leave interpretations to the viewers.” overwhelmingly explained Hadi to Syriatimes.