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The Castle and Valley Festival an appointment with joy

Wadi Al-Nadarah, a popular tourist site in Homs hosted The Castle and Valley Festival" between 1 - 5 August .

The 5-day festival included various cultural, artistic , folkloric and sport activities Which added an atmosphere of fun, joy and entertainment to the residents and visitors alike.

The Cultural Center in Marmarita hosted several cultural lectures for distinguished media personalities including Salem Zahran and Ugarit Dandash.

Hawash has hosted several events, namely an exhibition of flowers and traditional cuisine, featuring a musical performance by the dancers of the province club with the participation of children of different ages in the courtyard of the educational complex in Al Hawash. In addition to the second sculpture forum, which was held at Hawash Private University, with the participation of sculptors from several governorates. There was a special activity this year, beekeeping and harvesting honey in of Mashta Azar.

Pyrography in Suwayda Cultural Center

Redan Al-Sahnawi a Syrian artist interested in pyrography, which is the art of drawing on burnt wood. This is clear from his exhibition, which includes 44 artistic works the outcome of two years of hard work; opening at the Suwayda Cultural Center.

Redan used in his first exhibition the technique of decorating wood by burning a design on the surface with a heated metallic point to form different shapes and color shades, following his artistic sense.

The artist Fawazat Abu Zaidan complimented his beautiful and distinguished work, as Al-Sahnawi tries to give chromatic colors gradation new perspectives of shadows and light, shortening distance between his painting and reality.

Book Review: "Damascus: Hidden Treasures of the Old City"

Bridget Keenan, Tim Beddow Photographer, 2000

Damascus, considered to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, was at times a renowned and wealthy capital. Each era brought changes in architecture, resulting in a city filled with magnificent palaces and luxurious homes. In 1979, UNESCO designated the Old City of Damascus a World Heritage site. However, the beauty is fading rapidly, and many buildings are in dire need of restoration. Bridget Keenan, a freelance journalist and longtime resident of Damascus, combined forces with photographer Tim Beddow to provide this visual record of the ancient town and plead for the preservation of the heart of the city. They explore both public buildings and rarely seen private houses. Beddow's photographs are an eloquent homage to the varying architectural styles of old Damascus, and Keenan's accompanying text explores the history of Damascus as a city as well as the individual histories of its mosques, palaces, and private homes. Damascus: Hidden Treasures of the Old City, recommended for both academic and public libraries with either Middle Eastern or architecture collections.

National School Debate Championship

A debate is considered one of  literary  activities that take place in schools where competitions are held among students to find out their cultural and linguistic interests. In fact, the debate is a form of public speech, in other words, it is  a rhetorical confrontation between two or more speakers on a specific issue at a specific time.It takes place in a public session in which conflicting arguments are presented on a dialectical subject  that often ends with a vote by the audience or the judgment commission .The basis of debates  depends  on  two opposing teams in the debate are: the first one which is called “the evidence team” . The main task  of this team is to support the debate. On the contrary, the second team which is completely  opposed the subject, it  is  called “ the negation team”.

Samar al-Mulla, loves drawing Damascus and nature as a realistic and impressionistic template

The Syrian artist Samar Al Mulla possesses an innate talent besides to what she has learned and acquired from different cultures. Most of Mulla's artistic works express the beauty of nature  :"I like to draw the beautiful Syrian nature in its silence especially through the Impressionist and realistic schools, because I consider it the most apt way to reflect my psychological state ." Mulla said in an interview with Sana.

"I care about the sad situations that I have documented about the many people I have met in my daily life, when I paint sadness  I go through  the inside of  human nature to stand with those who have suffered difficulties, in the hope that I can give them a kind of comfort."

 The artist said that negative emotions such as pessimism may be due to the recurrence of humanitarian and social frustrations, caused by frequent worries and  pain in our lives. But with the presence of meditation the hope may return again.

When  drawing Damascus, the city which she loves a great deal, Mulla  adds to it special creative things that combine the originality of the past and the importance of the present in an innovative form that seeks to monitor the beauty of this old city.

On her opinion about the emergence of new and young names in the Syrian plastic art, she pointed out that there are a number of artistic talents who have succeed in creating their own artistic skills. Mulla stresses that talent is determined by the ability of the artist to continue drawing and provide distinctive art   .

Artist Samar Al Mulla graduated from Ahmed Walid Ezzat Institute of Applied Arts, Department of oil painting . She held three individual exhibitions in Damascus as well as her participations in a number of collective exhibitions.