Among the greatest blessings in life, is being able to deeply undergo the exclamation 'EUREKA!'. A Greek interjection used to celebrate a discovery or invention, attributed to the ancient Greek scholar Archimedes. Who reportedly proclaimed "Eureka! Eureka!" after he had stepped into a bath and noticed that the water level rose, whereupon he suddenly understood that the volume of water displaced must be equal to the volume of the part of his body he had submerged.

The Solo photography Exhibition "EUREKA!" by Lama Alhassanieh will take place in Khan Asa'ad Basha, opening on the 16th of September 2018 at 6:00pm; under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, General-Directorate of Antiquities and Museums. 

The exhibition will include about 30 Artworks in different themes shedding lights on terrorism war against Syrians. The exhibition is a bid as  to overstep those awful memories by transforming them  into artwork. It will as well expose artistically edited pictures in an attempt to meet the audience needs and open new horizons. 

The main message "EUREKA" Exhibition would like convey is

"Find your passion and seeking it".


Edited by: Lama Alhassanieh

Syrian and Arab Artists to Perform in Damascus International Fair

DAMASCUS- Public Establishment for International Fairs and Exhibitions announced the program of artistic festival in the 60th edition of Damascus International Fair.

The program of the artistic festival includes concerts performed by a number of Syrian and Arab singers, such as Walid Tawfiq, Mayada Bsilis, Hazem al-Sharif, Nancy Zabalawi and Ziad Bourgi, according to SANA.

The program also includes folk singing and dance performances.

Syrian Artists Turn “Tunnels of Death” in Eastern Ghouta into Creative Works of Art

DAMASCUS-An art group of 18 Syrian artists have started a magnificent art project, using underground tunnels dug by terrorists in eastern Ghouta as a setting for making artistic sculptures.

The project was inspired by sculpture works made by Muhannad Moualla, an artist and a fighter in the Syrian Arab Army who a year and a half ago has begun, at his own leisure, to turn walls in Jobar city near Damascus into sculptures, SANA reported.

Syrian Art a Means of Resistance

"Syria has a rich history and holding cultural activities in the country aims at sending a message of peace and love from Syria, the cradle of culture and civilization, to the entire world and at stressing the fact that art and culture are also means for the Syrians to challenge their enemies  who want to undermine Syria’s history”,  Sculptor Ali Mu’alla, Director of the 4th Sand Sculpture Forum “Ugaro 2018”, recently held in Lattakia province under the patronage of Tourism Mnistry, said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper.

The event is held within the framework of supporting young talents, creativity and innovation as well as exchanging experience in the area of plastic art, sand sculpture as well as sandstone sculpture, according to Mu'alla.

On his participation in the forum, Mu’alla made it clear that he has chosen the  phoenix to embody Syria’s condition after the seven-year unjust war imposed on the country.

4th Sand Sculpture Forum "Ugaro 2018" Kicks off in Lattakia

LATTAKIA, (ST)- With the participation of more than 30 artists from different Syrian provinces, the 4th Sand Sculpture Forum "Ugaro 2018" kicked off on Sunday at the shore of the Sports City in Lattakia. The event was organized by the Union of Plastic Artists in Latakkia and the National Association for Tourism Development in Syria.

Sahar Hmeisheh, head of the National Association for Tourism Development, said in a statement at the opening ceremony that various artistic forums play key role in disseminating cultural awareness in society. This forum contributes to activating internal tourism in the light of the participation of artists from all Syrian governorates, Hmeisheh added, according to the Syrian News Agency SANA.