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Art exhibition '1' opened in Damascus Opera House

Exhibition "1", an art show featuring 23 works by the young artist Caro Saferian, was opened Sunday at the Damascus Opera House.

The paintings focused on poverty, injustice and the effect of war on society, particularly oppression of woman.

Armenia's Ambassador in Damascus Arshak Poladian said during the opening ceremony of the weeklong exhibition that the activities being held by the Syrian youths reflect the reality through art.

Syrian 'Yasmin' film takes part in Tetouan Cinema Festival's competition

The Syrian 'Yasmin' film directed by al-Mohannad Kalthoum will compete 20 films from 14 Arab and European countries in the Tetouan International Mediterranean Cinema Festival to be started on March 26th.

The festival seeks this year to select films that shed light on the tragic and complicated situation in the Mediterranean countries because the cinema can help confront these tragedies through enhancing communication and co-existence.

'Salute to Syrian cinema' Festival kicks off

The activities of the 'Salute to Syrian Cinema' Festival kicked off Wednesday in Hasaka city, according to the official news agency (SANA).

The agency quoted Director of Hasaka cultural Center Mohammad al-Flaj as saying that 'Mariam' film directed by Basil al-Khatibwas screened in the first day of the festival, which will screen films produced by the national cinema organization in Syria.

Lattakia visual artists express loyalty to homeland's martyrs

Some thirty-five visual artists have participated in an exhibition in Lattakia city to express loyalty to the homeland's martyrs.

The paintings reflected the situation of the Syrian home and woman during the current crisis in the country.

A home in Lattakia city was painted in a green colour by the artist Talal Ali to represent the Syrian home, which is full of love.

Modern world films festival begins in Damascus

About 90 films will be screened during the festival of the modern world cinema products, which will start today at 6:00pm (local time) at the Damascus opera house.

The first film to be screened today is 'Birdman' by Alejandro GonzalerInarritu, which won three academic awards last year for best picture, best director and best original screenplay.

The 119-minute long film provides a thought-provoking and inventive exploration of artistry, family, and the difference between power, popularity and prestige.