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'Qalaa and Wadi' Festival in Homs proves Syria's civilization will never disappear

Minister of Tourism Besher Yazgy has affirmed that Syrians are determined to continue living and to achieve victory over terrorism despite the pain.

His remark was made during the opening ceremony of the Qalaa and Wadi Festival [Castle and Valley Festival] kicked off Thursday evening in Wadi al-Nadara(valley) in Homs province.

The minister said that the festival represents a message to the whole world that the Syrian history and civilization will never disappear.

Damascus Cultural Forum kicks off

The 1st Damascus Cultural Forum kicked off yesterday evening in the Khan As'ad Pasha in the old city of Damascus.

The four-day event held by the Ministry of Culture includes art and book exhibitions plus concert, according to the official news agency (SANA), which quoted the head of the Board of Directors of the forum Abdul Wahab Abo Saleh as saying that the forum plays a key role in the cultural conflict between the culture of life and the culture of death.

BASP Forum in Aleppo discusses culture's role in confronting war on Syria

Head of the Arab Writers Union in Syria Dr. Nedal al-Saleh has underscored that culture plays key role in creating a cohesive society to confront the global war on Syria.

His remark was made during the Forum of the Baath Arab Socialist Party (BASP) held yesterday in Aleppo city under the title " the role of culture and media in building awareness to confront the war on Syria"

100 children play 'the melody of life' in the heart of Damascus

Two days ago, Tishreen Park in Damascus witnessed a wonderful ceremony organized by the Nour Foundation for Relief and Development in cooperation with Adonia Music Band.

The ceremony entitled "the melody of life" included stage shows, Arab and world musical pieces and popular dances performed by around 100 girls and boys, according to the official news agency (SANA).

The agency indicated that one of the stage shows, which was performed by children from the 'al-Majed Center’, explained the suffering of Syria's children resulted from terrorism that hits the homeland.

ISIS thinking and US-Zionist role in reviving it

The Damascus Trust for National Principles in cooperation with the Cultural Center in Abo Remmaneh area in Damascus held Tuesday a symposium on ISIS thinking and the US-Zionist role in reviving it.

The symposium included a lecture given by the researcher Nabil Toameh, who stressed that the revive of the ISIS thinking [Daesh thinking] aims to end republics, especially the secular ones that based on the moderate Islam , in the Arab nation.