12 new national songs in 'My country Syria' evening

A national musical evening entitled 'My country Syria' was held Monday in the Damascus Opera House with the participation of 10 singers plus the choir led by the Eastern Music Orchestra.

The 12 new songs, performed by young singers, embodied patriotism and the beauty of Syria's nature and deep-rooted civilization.

Syrian Culture Ministry launches e-Audio book for children amid criticism

An electronic audio book for children was launched Sunday by Ministry of Culture to be companion to paper book in the light of the proliferation of e-readers.

Culture Minister said that the e-book will help children pronounce vocabularies correctly and receive the important information in a lovely way. 

"Now, the e-book deals with the Arabic language in a simple way to clarify information for children, who faces the culture of war that invaded our country through several conspiracies," added Issam Khalil.

Syrian student outdoes European students in Poland

Syrian PhD student Asef Salloum has outdone European PhD and MD students in a competition organized by the Polish Medical University of Gransk.

He won the International Student Award and he raised the flag of Syria during the honoring ceremony amid applause from the participants, according to the official news agency (SANA).

'Syria without war' exhibition opens in Moscow

Under the title "Syria without war", an art exhibition was opened Friday in the historic cultural heritage institute in Moscow.

The exhibition included paintings drawn by the Russian artist Georgi Karamorza with oil and water colors depicting the Syrian nature and civilization.

The artist painted mosques and churches of Damascus as well as Syrian towns and cities, such as Sidnaya and Maaloula, hidden behind Jasmine and Lailac blossoms.

He wanted to show through his paintings the wonderful nature of Syria, according to the brochure distributed in the exhibition.

Book Depicting “Daesh” Danger on International Peace and Security Published in Moscow

MOSCOW, (ST)- The Institute of Strategic Studies in Moscow has published a new book on “Daesh” terrorist organization and its danger on international peace and security. The book focuses mainly on the fact that this terrorist organization is a tool used by Washington to establish a new world order that achieves its hegemony on the world.

The book also makes it clear that the Turkish cooperation with Deash aims at expanding the war and biting more areas from neighboring countries.