Destiny of Syrian Christian monuments

Church of Holy Cross in Damascus has hosted a lecture on 'destiny of Syrian Christian monuments' and photography exhibition showing rehabilitation works in Saint George Church in Homs city, according to Tishreen newspaper.

The lecture was given by the Father Samir Fayyad, who asserted that a lot of icons, manuscripts and ecclesiastical antiquities have been lost as a result of looting, smuggling and destruction perpetrated  by terrorist organizations in Damascus countryside, Homs, Lattakia countryside and Aleppo.

The Father added that some international commissions and Antiquities Directorate in Lebanon contributed to restore some stolen monuments.

113 researchers document Syria's civilization

Syrian and foreign archeologists have contributed to highlight Syria's deep-rooted history depending on results of research methods and excavation techniques developed by international archaeological missions, which have discovered hundreds of archaeological sites in the country.

"A history of Syria in one hundred sites' is the title of a book written by 113 Syrian and foreign researchers to document Syria's civilization. It is based on archaeological scientific journey to the newly-discovered archaeological sites and covers a chronological scope extends to two million years of civilization.

Children rebuild Aleppo city by fine arts

Over 1200 paintings by 40 children aged 4.5-12 years have been featured in an exhibition kicked off Friday in Fine Arts Faculty in Aleppo city under the title 'By Fine Arts We Build Aleppo'.

The paintings depict Aleppo markets and its historic citadel, according to the official news agency (SANA), which quoted a lecturer in the Faculty of Fine Arts  Obaida al-Qedsi as saying that the exhibition comes after the participating children completed a one-month course in Fine arts.

Turkish female conductor to lead Syrian orchestra in Damascus Opera House

The Turkish conductor İnciÖzdil, who will lead the Syrian national Symphony Orchestra during concert to be held Thursday in Damascus Opera House, has said peoples' voice is louder than sound of war and bullet.

She told the official news agency (SANA) that the concert is a message to the whole world that friendly and amity relations between Syrian and Turkish peoples will not be affected by political orientations as the two peoples have joined civilized cultural links.

'Rad al-Qada'a' Movie by Najdat Anzour Depicts National Unity against Terrorism

Renowned Syrian Director Najdat Anzour has said that his new movie 'Rad al-Qada'a' [ward off fate] depicts the Syrians' national unity and the removal of terrorists’ illusions.

Speaking to the official news agency (SANA) after the official premier of the movie in Damascus Opera House on Friday, Anzour clarified that the language of the movie is simple and it is based on real stories.

He referred to the role of cinema in depicting the reality of events taking place in Syria.