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"The ascension of a female" .. Exhibition of the artist Faten Moqalled in Sweida

Sweida , ST- In her first solo exhibition which was opened yesterday in Sweida, artist Faten Mokalled tried to embody female pride , and sensitive nature. She also exhibited what she termed as  ' hymns of love .'

The exhibition, which opened in " al-Ghosn al- Ateek" hall, includes 35 paintings that carried the ideas of female  rebellion mixed with love and passion. Faten tries through many female formations to give an expressive style by using water colors, pastels, coal and lead.

A joint art exhibition between children from Syria and Hungary in Budapest

A joint art exhibition was held in Budapest, Hungary, between 645 children from Syria and Hungary.

On the sidelines of the exhibition, which was held on the initiative of the Syrian artist Hanan Seif, Head of the Artistic Office in the Hungary branch of the National Union of Syrian Students, a technical conference was held during which she communicated with a number of Syrian artists and teachers participating in the event through Skype.

The Church of "Our Lady of Peace" is once again a place for love and peace

Syria has been known throughout history as the cradle of Christianity and the center of the heavenly religions. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are dozens of the oldest and most famous churches in the world spread in a number of the Syrian provinces each of them tells the history and the origin of the first Christianity. What is strange  is that these religious edifices were burned and destroyed during the years of the crisis and  a thousand-year-old civilization was stolen by an ignorant ideology of armed Takfiri groups that has turned the places of worship into  headquarters for  its members and leaders and platforms to fire rockets and mortars at the safe neighborhoods.

Lama Al-hassanieh’s solo photography depicts the “shadows of serenity” in Syria

Art is more than a hobby, it is a burning passion that lights a fire in people's souls.  It is a way to summarize life, feelings, visions and thoughts and to share them with audiences all over the world. 

One of the forms of art is photography , which is a passion for colleague Lama Al-hassanieh who is holding a solo photography exhibition in Abo Remmaneh Cultural center in Damascus to show the shadows of serenity.

3rd Student Olympiad in Arabic Language in Russia's Kazan University indicate growing interest in learning Arabic by foreigners

Arabic language is one of the world’s most important languages and has been rated as one of the four most commonly spoken. The awareness of the importance of Arabic language has increased which has led to many studies and research on methods of teaching Arabic for non-native Arabic speakers.

The Arab Culture Center “Al-Hadara” (civilization) at the International Relations Department of Kazan Federal University in Russia has recently held the 3rd Student Olympiad in Arabic Language with the participation of a number of non-native Arabic speakers from different Russian cities.