Over 20 foreign researchers make proposals to revive Syrian Heritage

Participants in the scientific conference, kicked off Saturday in Damascus under the slogan 'New Visions and Proposals to Revive Syrian Heritage', have called for setting up a Web database to publish Syrian archeological documents and carrying out rescue works for heritage in coordination with concerned Syria institutes.

They also underlined the need to use a new method in archeological research and to gear up for post-war period.

Head of the Ebla archeological mission Prof. Paolo Matthiae talked about the main principles of rehabilitating word heritage, asserting the importance of respecting Syria's sovereignty during rescue works as it is a member of the United Nation and UNESCO.

Cypriot Artist Holds Her First Individual Exhibition in Damascus

The Cypriot artist Janan Jan has held her first individual exhibition in the Damascus Opera House under the title 'Relief Sculpture'.

She used Ebru art [the art of drawing on water], decorative art and tin foil art to show Syria's civilization and its landmarks, such as Omayyad Mosque, Damascene sword and rose, Norias of Hama and Maaloula monastery, Arabic calligraphy and Melaweyeh dance.

Mrs. Jan told the official news agency (SANA) that her exhibition aims to show the message of love and peace which Syria spreads all over the world.

Syrian, Lebanese intellectuals call for comprehensive cultural project against terrorism

Launching a comprehensive cultural project against terrorism has become a must, according to Syrian and Lebanese intellectuals, who are taking part in a two-day symposium held by Ministry of Culture in Damascus Opera House.

This project requires great efforts from intellectuals and clergymen to confront myths and falsehoods that extremists try to instill into minds of people, Minister of culture Mohammad al-Ahmad said in the opening ceremony of the symposium kicked off Sunday.

Photos of Syrian Historic Landmarks Featured in Hungary

Syrian expatriate’s family in Hungary and several Hungarian photographers have held an exhibition in a cultural center in Szolnok city under the title “Syria is the Gate of the East”.

The exhibition aims to brief Hungarian people about history of Syria, which is facing a terror war started in 2011, according to the governor of Szolnok city, who asserted that the interest of Hungary and all world countries lies in the restoration of peace to Syria as soon as possible and in rebuilding it by Syrians themselves.

Syrian, Russian Artists Hold Exhibition in Moscow

Syrian and Russian visual artists have held an exhibition in Moscow showing Syria's situation before and after the terror war on the country.

Their art works depicted the effect of the ongoing war on Syria and the steadfastness of Syrian people in confronting the Takfiri terrorism, which is backed by western countries, Gulf sheikhdoms and Turkish regime, according to the official news agency (SANA).