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100 photos by PWSN in “I’m Able” exhibition in Homs

About 100 photos depicting the adherence of Persons with Special Needs (PWSN) to their city, Homs, have been featured in an exhibition held in the cultural center of the city under the title ‘I am Able Camera’.

The photos were taken by PWSN aged between 15 and 27 and they show Homs ‘s neighborhoods,  historic markets, nature, old houses, persons and recreational activities held by Child Care Association in the city of Homs.

Adeline's Book: Ma Syrie

When the link of Adeline Chenon Ramlat book, “My Syria” appeared on my Face Book wall, and just after a rather "common" first exchange with her on Messenger, at least I considered ordinary ... Adeline Chenon Ramlat, author of “My Syria” told me on our second very short conversation:

- Hello, where are you in Syria?

- Damascus.

- Can you come to Bab Sharki tomorrow before noon?

She was on a journey to Syria and bring with her from France, two copies of her Book, one especially for me. 

‘Cherry messages’ movie by Sulaf Fawakherji screened in Homs city

The renowned Syrian actress Sulaf Fawakherji has said that the first movie directed by her under the title ‘Rasa’el al-Karaz’ [ Cherry messages] talks about the occupied Syrian Golan and she is directing another movie entitled ‘Madad’.

Her remark was made during a press conference held Thursday in Homs city a day after screening the first movie directed by her in the cultural center in Homs city. 

She expressed her happiness for visiting the city of Homs and at the same time she expressed sorrow over the destruction caused by the war being waged on Syria, calling on the Syrian people to rebuild the homeland and to help develop it.

‘We are Syria’ campaign

Under the slogan”we are Syria”, a campaign was launched Saturday at the Damascus Opera House to call for lifting the unilateral economic sanctions imposed by the United States and Europe on Syria.

The sanctions prevent the Syrian people from getting the humanitarian needs, especially medicines for children’s’ cancer and medical equipments as well as requirements for treating Persons with Special needs, the members of the ‘Sabaya al-Ata’a’ Association, which launched the campaign, said.

Iraqi artist describes Damascus as ‘great home of Arabs’

Because he sees Syria as his second homeland and he is against the onslaught being launched on it, the Iraqi artist Tami al-Samerra’ee held an exhibition in Damascus.

The exhibition included 25 paintings depicting historic domes and minarets , according to the al-Thawra newspaper, which quoted the artist as saying that he came to Damascus because it is the ‘land of peace’ and the ‘great home of Arabs’.

“There is a historic connection between Syria and Iraq,” Mr. al-Samerra’ee added, stressing that his exhibition is retaliation for the onslaught being waged against the Arab world and the archaeological sites.

He called for artists all over the world to unify against terrorism and violence.

The artist selected a historic site from each Arab country and used the Arabic calligraphy in his works being displayed in the exhibition held in Abo Remmaneh Cultural center under the patronage of Syrian Ministry of Culture.

He repeated what the fame artist Fyodor Dostoyevsky said: “Beauty will save the world”.



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