ISIS thinking and US-Zionist role in reviving it

The Damascus Trust for National Principles in cooperation with the Cultural Center in Abo Remmaneh area in Damascus held Tuesday a symposium on ISIS thinking and the US-Zionist role in reviving it.

The symposium included a lecture given by the researcher Nabil Toameh, who stressed that the revive of the ISIS thinking [Daesh thinking] aims to end republics, especially the secular ones that based on the moderate Islam , in the Arab nation.

121 photos by 14 photographers sum up life in Homs

About 121 photos depicting the life in Homs province have been featured in the 1st annual photography exhibition opened Tuesday in the cultural center of Homs.

The photos taken by 14 photographers show the life in the old city of Homs and in rural area, the return to normal life in several quarters in the city, the destruction there, the triumph of the will to live, the beauty of nature and archaeological sites, according to the official news agency (SANA).

The agency quoted the photographer Omar Daghistani , who is a member of the Board of Directors of the Photographers Association, as saying that the 3-day exhibition proves that photos will remain in the life of all peoples.

Orchestra of Syrian musicians amazes European audience in world festivals

Recently, the Orchestra of Syrian Musicians has performed songs from the Syrian heritage during world festivals held in Britain, Netherlands and Denmark.

The orchestra, which includes several professional musicians, performed the songs amid a tremendous cheer from the European audience, according to the official news agency (SANA).

The agency quoted the Syrian singer in the orchestra Iyad Hanna as saying: “We received invitation to take part in several world festivals to perform some of the works of the Syrian musician Issam Rafeaplus songs from the Syrian heritage.

Spanish researcher wrote book titled '' Syria is the center of the world'

The Spanish researcher Dr. Jose Antonio Egido has written a book on Syria's history and the U.S. Administrations' role in the war against Syria.

The book entitled ' Syria is the center of the world' tackles the civilized achievements in Syria's history, the Ottoman occupation,  the Sykes-Picot agreement , the Syrian people's resistance against western occupation, and the establishment of progressive parties.

It, in addition, explains why the Imperialism seeks to destroy the independent Syria.

ISIS barbarity in Palmyra

Nearly a year ago, a beautiful young woman was bought from a cage set up by the ISIS terrorists on the left side of beheading cage approximately 75 meter to the west of the main gate of the National Museum in Palmyra.

This woman, 18, was walking this month with a sunburned baby in her hand but with no luggage or even purse on Homs-Palmyra highway hoping to find a place to stay, according to an article written by the U.S. Professor Franklin Lamb under the title ' Driven into the desert, Daesh (ISIS) barbarity still haunts Palmyra'