Embassy of Indonesia casts light on Batik art in Hama

The Embassy of Indonesia in Syria today held a batik art workshop “Drawing on Cloth” as a popular Indonesian heritage under the supervision of Fini  Afwani  Alam Shah, an expert from the Indonesian Batik House Company.

The workshop is held at the hall of Hama municipality in cooperation with Hama Municipality. 

Indonesian Ambassador to Damascus Wajid Fawzi said that the workshop represents the first activity of the embassy in Hama and aims at strengthening brotherly relations between Indonesia and Syria, expressing hope that this activity will be an opportunity to get acquainted with Indonesia better.

The Archbishop, The Guard of Jerusalem

"The Archbishop, The Guard of Jerusalem" is a new TV series currently being filmed by director Bassel al-Khatib. Written by Hassan Yousef, the series deals with the biography of Archbishop Hilarion Cappucci who employed his high religious position in service of the Palestine question and just Arab causes. The cast includes a number of prominent Syrian actors including Salim Sabri, Sabah Jaza'eri and Amal Arafeh.

Actor Rasheed Assaf  will play the character of  Capucci, who as the head of the Greek Catholic Church in Jerusalem, Cappucci was arrested in 1974 by the Israeli occupation authorities  and accused with smuggling arms to Palestinian resistance men. On Dec. 9, 1974, he was sentenced to 12 years in prison. Addressing the court, he said in Arabic that if Jesus were alive they would have wept together.

Exhibition Hawaa (Eve) in the Art Forum Gallery in Sweida, Feminine colored experiences reflect the victory

Al-Suwayda, (ST) - The fifth annual exhibition, which opened in the city of Al-Suwayda today, sheds light on the artistic colored experiences with Syrian feminine touches reflecting the creativity and tenderness of women and their victory over their circumstances.

The exhibition, hosted by Art Forum, includes 14 works by twelve artists, including works of acrylic, oil, engraving, printing and sculpture, to express the ability of women to produce creative colors that embody victory and joy.

The owner of the Art Forum Gallery Nasser Obeid explained in a statement to SANA that Eve exhibition was dedicated this year to graduates from the Faculty of Fine Arts to present their art experience and development with the selection of the title of the exhibition “victory” to emphasize the victory of color over gray and dark, and the victory over fear and sickness and unfair traditions and customs.

"From Latin America with love"

ST - The Syrian National Symphony Orchestra  performed at the Opera House in Damascus a special musical evening where it presented distinctive pieces of Latin music. The musical evening “From Latin America with Love” succeeded in giving  a beautiful picture of the mix  between musical cultures.

The audience listened to a variety of melodies with the participation of the singer Ricardo Lokoh  who has a distinctive and beautiful voice.

Maestro Gerardo Estrada Martinez was also able to lead the band  and made a lot of wonderful  musical tunes.

The National  Symphony Orchestra also  presented  a number of distinctive music tracks from Mexico and Jamaica.

It is noteworthy that the Opera House has officially hosted the Syrian National Symphony Orchestra since the beginning of 2012, which offers continuous performances, as the band has already represented Syria in many festivals and forums in Arab and foreign countries.


“Takasim” in Arabic cultural center

The Arabic Cultural Center of Abu Rummaneh held on Sunday evening a collective exhibition under the title “Takasim”. Thirty-two students from Ahmed Walid Ezzat Center participated, from different age’s categories. Among the participants there was a group of academics and professionals presenting their works that reflected long years of experience.

The exhibition included more than 80 sculptures made from gypsum and resin. The pieces take the shape of bronze, marble or basalt after processing and coloring. There was a variation of themes and sizes ranging from small to medium.

Artist Sham jumaa, an architecture student, took part in the exhibition by exposing two sculptures using resin material, she said to Syriatimes:"I have been studying in the center for two years, I am participating in this exhibition with two works, the first one indicates man’s journey through life with all pressures and obstacles, while the second refers to the female body, which is a symbol of motherhood, power and giving.