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“Clogs”, old rare heritage of few makers

Damascus, (ST) - Mahmoud Sayyala,  the owner of a shop in the Souk of Qabaqbiya adjacent to the Umayyad Mosque, is one of the few who master the profession of clog making, for it has nearly died out. It is now sought only as a souvenir by tourists- part of the heritage of Damascus.

"Clogs (al-Qabqab)" is the foremost popular shoe in Damascus. For example, Ghawar el Tawasha, the most famous character in Syrian drama performed by prominent artist Duraid Lahham, wears the legendary Syrian clogs throughout a very famous drama series. In addition to the bright record of Syrian clogs in the Syrian collective memory such as folktales and popular proverbs. 

Hama ... Home of a Rich Treasure of Syrian Mosaics

Mosaic paintings tell the history of ancient Hama

Mosaic boards discovered in Hama represent 65% of the total Syrian discoveries. The boards discovered from 1983 till now are the most beautiful of those discovered in Syria, especially the boards discovered in Maryamin, in Tayebet alImam, in Afamia, and the one discovered in Nahr alBared, in addition to many other boards which were deformed before being excavated as is the case in the village of Deir alSleib near Masiaf.

The General Directorate of Antiquities signs two cooperation agreements with the Hermitage Museum and the Russian Scientific Academy

Two agreements for scientific cooperation in the field of restoration of antiquities were signed yesterday in the Shamia Hall of the National Museum in Damascus between the Directorate of Antiquities and Museums and the Russian Scientific Academy and the Russian Hermitage Museum.

The agreement aims at restoring the Syrian antiquities that have been sabotaged by terrorists, rehabilitating Syrian workers and benefiting from the Russian expertise in this field.

Ministry of Culture holds celebration on its foundation anniversary

The Ministry of Culture held a celebration marking the 61st foundation anniversary through a comprehensive event including cinema, theatre and plastic art. The event was inaugurated with a concert held at the Opera House.

Held under the title of “The Memory of the Homeland”, the event included an antiquities exhibition and another for pioneers of plastic art in Syria.

The Arab writers Union casts light on the role of intellectualsin countering terrorism

Isalamabad, (ST) - During his participation in the Islamabad Cultural Conference in Pakistan, Malik Saqour, chairman of the Arab Writers Union,  focused on the danger of terrorism and the role played by intellectuals in confronting it.

Saqour stressed that the Syrian cultural experience has enhanced its role during the years of the terrorist war on Syria, especially in the face of attempts by armed terrorist organizations to target the Syrian cultura