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Social initiative holds First-aid training for university students

A social initiative called "My hand for you all' has organized several first-aid courses for university students to spread health awareness and the culture of volunteerism among them.

The courses focus on training students on how to act in emergency conditions in order to increase the number of well-qualified persons in first aid services, one of the initiative's founders Wissm al-Halabi told the official news agency (SANA).

He added that the initiative seeks to create a university students teams to educate community about the right thing to do in crises and how to use first aid devices to protect persons' safety.   

Arab writers to visit Syria

A solidarity delegation composed of Arab writers is due to visit Syria by the end of this month to have an idea about what is going on in the country, according to the Damascus-based al-Watan newspaper.

The upcoming visit comes on an invitation made by the Head of the Arab Writers Union in Syria Dr. Nedal Saleh to the participants in the 26th conference of the General Federation of the Arab Writers held on 24-26 December 2015 in Abo Dhabi. 

Over 600 cultural activities held in Homs last year

In 2015, more than 615 cultural activities were held in Homs province which includes 27 cultural centers, according to the official news agency (SANA).

The agency clarified that 297 lectures and symposiums, 141 musical evenings, 11 art exhibitions, 44 workshops for children and 5 festivals were among the activities held there.

Culture Ministry's plan for 2016

Ministry of Culture plans to establish cultural capitals in Syrian provinces, develop creativity movement and disseminate national awareness among people, according to the strategy of the ministry for 2016.

The strategy, which was discussed Tuesday by directors of culture in Syria, aims to attract the widest possible people to follow up the cultural activities to be held in universities, educational institutes and cultural centers.

Art exhibition backs DU martyrs' families

A visual art exhibition was held Tuesday to support the families of 117 Damascus University's martyrs and to prove the continuity of students' activities that fight against terrorism thinking. 

The exhibition, which was held in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus, included 8 wall paintings depicting the situation in Syria in the light of the ongoing terror war on it.