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Arshak Poladian's New Book Documents Armenian Genocide under Ottoman Empire

"Eye Witnesses to the Armenian Genocide Under the Ottoman Empire", a book by the Armenian Ambassador to Syria Arshak Poladian, was signed on Tuesday within a ceremony held by the Damascus-based Commission for Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in cooperation with the Culture Ministry at al-Assad Library. Many politicians, men of religion, intellectuals, journalists and interested people attended the book signing ceremony.

Syria's love is our solar system

The road of victory is too difficult is said only by  the enemies of Syria . They said these dirty words for two reasons: first: they hate Syria, because they hate civilization ,right, truth, and everything Syria means. Second: at the same time they do not know the Syrian people; they cannot understand the Syrian spirit ,the Syrian character. The nation which thinks that any crisis can destroy the nation's will is a weak body, this body is like a building which may collapse in any moment.

AUCSSR to be active despite circumstances and sheds light on staggering scale of destruction in 12200-year- old city of Aleppo

The Syrian academics' will to carry out researches and studies that serve society in light of current circumstances has not been broken despite the daily terror attacks that hit the country.

The Aleppo University Center for Strategic Studies and Research (AUCSSR) was recently launched seven years after its foundation.

The declaration of launching the center was made on December 23, 2014 during a symposium held in Aleppo University under the title 'Syria and Regional Map'.

Syrian Cinema in 2014

Despite the crisis in Syria, the General Establishment of Cinema managed in 2014 to produce distinguished short and long films and to break the unjustified siege imposed on the participation of Syrian films in Arab and international festivals.

Challenging the extraordinary circumstances in the country, Syrian film directors have achieved important works many of which have got international awards.

Why Prophet Mohammad chose Medina as destination

Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) didn't choose to migrate to neighboring cities of Mecca, such as Taif or Abyssinia, but rather he preferred to respond to the call of Medina and to establish the base of Islam over their territory due to several reasons: