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Syrian Iconic Singer Sabah Fakhri Gets Highest Order of Cultural Merits in Tunisia

TUNIS- Renowned Syrian Singer Sabah Fakhri has got the highest Order of Cultural Merits in Tunisia.

The honoring ceremony was held at the headquarters of the Culture Ministry in the Tunisian Capital.

Talking to the press, Fakhri said "I feel very proud of getting this order which brings my memory back to the time when Tunisia's Ex-President Al-Habib Bourqeba awarded me with the same order in the 1970s."

Veteran Syrian Actor Omar Hajjo Passes Away Leaving Rich Artistic Legacy

DAMASCUS- By the passing away of veteran Syrian actor Omar Hajjo, the Syrian artistic movement loses one of its pillars whose distinguished works have enriched the Syrian drama, theater and cinema over several decades.

Hajjo died of a heart attack yesterday morning at the age of 84 at the house of his son, director Al-Laith Hajjo. The funeral of the late actor was attended by many Syrian stars that came to bid farewell to their fellow artist.

Culture, Love Never Stop in the City of Jasmine

The ongoing terrorist war on Syria has targeted all aspects of life in the country including culture, necessitating that all Syrians should be united hand in hand as to overcome difficulties and help the homeland surpass the crisis. Within this context, the Ministry of Culture on Thursday patronized a cultural festivity held by the National Social Association "Souriabtijmana" (Syria Brings US Together) in cooperation with the Damascus Opera House aiming to maintain cultural life in Syria and to support promising artists and filmmakers.

Education Sector in Homs

Homs is one of the leading governorates in the field of science and education. Thousands of people with advanced degrees, hundreds of poets, writers, and translators have been graduated from Homs.

It is the city of culture as for its schools, universities and cultural forums. It is the crossroads of many civilizations, intellectuals and politicians.

Waiting for Godot

Hiwar Group for theater arts has presented recently at al-Sweida Educational Theater the famous play waiting for Godot .

The play  which was presented for three days produced by Ziad Kurbaj and performed by four artists

-Wiliam Hadi (Vladimir)

-Hala Ward (Pozo)

-katrin Olba (Estragon and the boy)

-Hadi Jaber (Luky)