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Lattakia visual artists express loyalty to homeland's martyrs

Some thirty-five visual artists have participated in an exhibition in Lattakia city to express loyalty to the homeland's martyrs.

The paintings reflected the situation of the Syrian home and woman during the current crisis in the country.

A home in Lattakia city was painted in a green colour by the artist Talal Ali to represent the Syrian home, which is full of love.

Modern world films festival begins in Damascus

About 90 films will be screened during the festival of the modern world cinema products, which will start today at 6:00pm (local time) at the Damascus opera house.

The first film to be screened today is 'Birdman' by Alejandro GonzalerInarritu, which won three academic awards last year for best picture, best director and best original screenplay.

The 119-minute long film provides a thought-provoking and inventive exploration of artistry, family, and the difference between power, popularity and prestige.

Tunisian film depicts story of mother whose son joins terrorists in Syria

The humanitarian consequences of the war being waged on Syria have been dealt with in a film directed by the Tunisian Director Rida al-Bahi.

The film entitled 'Aleppo Flower' depicts the story of a Tunisian mother trying to bring back her son to Tunisia after he joined terrorists fighting in Syria. It shows how the war destroys dreams and ambitions of the family.

The famous actress Hend Sabry plays the role of the Tunisian mother in the film, which also sheds light on real stories in the Arab countries after the eruption of the so-called the 'Arab spring'.

Lebanese ex-minister documents AL's conspiracy against Syria

The former Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour has asserted that the Arab League's unjust decisions led to the flow of terrorists and mercenaries to Syria which will remain the beating heart of Arabism.

His remark came during the ceremony of signing his book entitled 'The Arab League and Syria…Wrong role and money led to death' .

The 376-pages book deals with the stages of the crisis in Syria since its outset and the role of the regional states and the Israeli occupation entity in it as well as the pressures put on the Arab League (AL) to adopt decisions against Syria.

'Breeze of Hope' project provides medical attention to Syrian soldiers injured in ongoing terror war

About 30 Syrian wounded soldiers nationwide will benefit from the 'breeze of Hope' project [Nasmet Amal project] that offers psychological and medical treatment and rehabilitate the homes of the poorest soldiers.

The national project, launched by the Syrian businessman Mazen al-Tarazi, has reserved several rooms in the Sheraton Ma'aret Sednaya Hotel to host wounded soldiers and to provide them with medical treatment and recreation services for 10-15 days.