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4th Sand Sculpture Forum "Ugaro 2018" Kicks off in Lattakia

LATTAKIA, (ST)- With the participation of more than 30 artists from different Syrian provinces, the 4th Sand Sculpture Forum "Ugaro 2018" kicked off on Sunday at the shore of the Sports City in Lattakia. The event was organized by the Union of Plastic Artists in Latakkia and the National Association for Tourism Development in Syria.

Sahar Hmeisheh, head of the National Association for Tourism Development, said in a statement at the opening ceremony that various artistic forums play key role in disseminating cultural awareness in society. This forum contributes to activating internal tourism in the light of the participation of artists from all Syrian governorates, Hmeisheh added, according to the Syrian News Agency SANA.

Antiquities Directorate Cooperating with International Bodies to Recover Syrian Artifacts Stolen and Smuggled by Terrorists

Dr. Mahmoud Hamoud, Director General of Antiquities and Museums, said that the directorate is cooperating with all international bodies concerned with cultural heritage to recover the Syrian artifacts stolen and smuggled by terrorist groups during recent years.

In a statement to SANA, Hamoud clarified that the directorate is now preparing a file to be submitted to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the International Criminal Police Organization – INTERPOL with the aim of intensifying international cooperation and efforts to recover these ancient artifacts due to their significance as part of the international cultural and civilization heritage.

Young Brilliant Mosaicist Brings Back Mosaic Art to Spotlights

SWEIDA– The young mosaicist Muhannad al-Tawil succeeded to deploy his talent and the knowledge he gained during his academic study at Faculty of Archeology in transforming raw materials into fascinating colorful mosaic artworks in an attempt to revive this art, SANA reported.

“Mosaics are made with several tiny little cubes of different shapes, called ‘tesserae’,” said al-Tawil, adding that tesserae can be of different materials: stone, marble, glass, mother of pearl or ceramic and they are never perfectly cubic as they are hand cut with special tools such as the hardie and the mosaic hammer.

Syrian Artist Presents Religious Art Icon for Alexandria Church of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg- Syrian artist Mohamed Abdul Salam presented a religious art icon for the Church of St Catherine of Alexandria at the Russian city of Saint Petersburg.

According to SANA, the icon was presented on behalf of the Syrian people in recognition of the Russian positions in support of the Syrian people amid a mass and official ceremony.

Vanguards’ celebrations Throughout Homs Countryside

Coinciding with the victories of our hero army throughout Syria and marking  March and April celebrations ,the Vanguards second region committee in Wadi al-Nasara region has recently carried out its annual exhibition .

Head of the Vanguards  Area Committee, Mr. Shahadi Wassouf said: "This annual meeting, which is hosted annually by one of al-Wadi villages, is but a turning point in our avant-garde work And an important opportunity to evaluate the past stages in the work process of the educational units.

Holding these activities help to show the students' talents and give them the opportunity to develop these talents and guide them appropriately”.

He went on to say:” We aimed to strengthen their love of life regardless of the hardships they have experienced during the past period, so despite all the dire conditions that have beset our country, our activities have not stopped and the terrorist acts have not intimidated us”.