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200 children take part in 1st Syrian Child's Song Festival

Some 200 children aged 6-12 years from 10 provinces are taking part in the 1st Syrian Child's song festival kicked off yesterday in the Damascus Opera House.

The festival aims to develop children's talents and to create a conscious generation to confront the challenges in the future, member of the Baath Vanguards Organization (BVO) Hiba Said clarified, adding that the current circumstances necessitate more efforts to make children able to confront challenges and to rebuild the homeland.

'Chance for hope' exhibition kicks off in Hasaka city

Charity association in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program held Tuesday an exhibition in Hasaka city featuring handicrafts.

The three-day exhibition held under the title 'chance for hope' came 2 months after training the participants on making handicrafts and sewing in order to create job opportunities for them after providing them with raw materials  and machines by the UNDP, Director of the project Ghazeyeh Jalabi said.

Restoration of damaged landmarks in Palmyra may take 5 years

The Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums has sent a team of archaeologists to Palmyra city to assess damage ISIS terrorists did there, Director of Heritage Sites in the DGAM Nazir Awad says.

He underlined that the restoration of damaged landmarks in Palmyra city will take up to five years if the financial support and suitable circumstances are available after the approval of the UNESCO , which is a partner in the work in the city .

"According to the recent photos of the city and the available information, about 80% of the Palmyra's landmarks are in good condition. However, the danger lies in the secret excavations carried out by ISIS terrorists," Awad added.

Syrian army's victory over ISIS in Palmyra city 'tipping point in history'

The Syrian army's recapture of the Palmyra city, which means the 'invincible country' in the old Syrian Aramaic language, has been featured in world media outlets and has been the main topic in interviews with intellectuals and archaeologists as it is a major victory over ISIS terrorists.

The victory achieved Sunday was described by the Syrian Culture Minister Isam Khalil as 'resurrection' of the homeland and victory for humanity.

"The Syrians proved through this victory that the blood of Zenobia [3rd-century Queen of the Palmyrene Empire] is still flowing in their veins, and the city that challenged foreign occupation 2000 years ago and achieved victory over it, revived its process in defending civilization and creativity," he added.

On his part, the archaeologist Ali al-Qayyem said that the new achievement is a 'tipping point' in the history of Syria since Palmyra city has been listed on the UNESCO's world heritage sites.

Social activities to honor Syrian mothers

The Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs in cooperation with the Korean Business Center and volunteers held Sunday an activity in the Citadel of Damascus on the occasion of Mother's Day.

The activity included a handcrafts exhibition, painting workshop, competition for mothers and stage show that mirrors patriotism and mother's role in family and society.