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The traditional fur market in Homs ... A sound image in the popular memory

The heritage markets in the center of the old city of Homs have a special image in popular memory, as the rehabilitation of these markets and the return of a number of traditional professions to them have restored life to these markets, making them a destination for a large number of visitors. One of these markets is the Fur Market or, as the public calls it, “Al Furwatiyeh ”, according to a type of dress and furnish  that many still want to own.

The Fur Market, which connects three markets, namely copper, tailors and carpenters, contains dozens of shops that stand in two compact rows. A small square intercedes the market. Its floor, as well as the walls of its shops, are made of black basalt stones. It contains shops of a group of craftsmen who inherited the profession of making various kinds of fur, the father from the grandfather.

Nidal Melisso, who has been working for thirty years in this profession, says that he sews the fur parts as a stage of work after cleaning and washing them with salt and alum to remove what is stuck with it, then begins the stage of tanning, sewing  and packing it with cloth from the outside, indicating that this profession requires a lot of patience and perfection amid the  demand for buying fur despite the high prices, starting from SYP 50.000 to 150.000 for each fur.

“Al-zohour” Musical band’s concert at Dummar Cultural Complex

“Al-Zohour” Musical Band for Children has recently presented a concert at Dummar Cultural Complex, led by Maestro Fadi Khair Bek.

The children played wonderful melodies and sang for the homeland, spring and peace.

“Qasurah Hasan", a martyr’s son who has been playing oud for two years, expressed his joy in playing music with his friends, wishing that all the children in Syria will listen to and enjoy his melodies.

Artist Ghassan Maso'ud ... We need SYP billion to develop theatrical project… Is theater a priority or is providing bread

At the invitation of the "Mada" group, an open meeting was held with the artist Ghassan Maso'ud, in the presence of a large audience at Dar Al Thaqafa theater. The meeting initiated with Hassan Okla,  who said that artist "Maso'ud" is an artist who is unlike anyone else and no one is like him. What brings them together is theater love.

In turn, the artist "Maso'ud" has indicated at the beginning of his speech that Homs is the city of culture and theater, as its stage actors had important contributions from the beginnings that were dedicated since the seventies until now, adding: "I should have found a time to visit Homs and meet with its intellectuals because I still love the theater and he who loves theater cannot get out of it and our relationship to the theater is similar to human relations."

Heritage and Traditional Handicrafts Exhibition in Aleppo

The  heritage and  traditional handicrafts exhibition, which is held  by the Craftsmen Union in Aleppo,  was inaugurated on Thursday  at the Olympic  Theater Hall in Al-Hamadania in Aleppo.

Taking part in the event  are  30 artisans  from 14 handicrafts societies concerned with the manufacture of traditional crafts, copper and glass products, Arabesque wood, textile fabrics and handmade carpets.

Head of the Craftsmen’s Union Bakkour  Farah stressed   in a statement to  SANA that the exhibition  is of great importance to highlight  heritage and traditional handicrafts  and encourage craftsmen to display and market their products.

Hussein Hmyra: A Promising artistic talent


Young artist Hussein Hmyra loved drawing since childhood, as he used to draw animals precisely and very skillfully -a skill not compatible with his age. Although he did not study painting academically, Hussein managed to prove to be a unique talent in the photorealism world.

The young artist told the Syria Times e-newspaper: "I started drawing when I was 5 years old, through joining the" Free Drawing Club ", which is a voluntary civil social initiative undertaken by Mr. Issam Hassan who discovered my artistic talent and asked his friend, artist Adawiya Dayoub, who later became director of the Children's Public Library in Latakia, to take care of me and help me to develop my talent. She offered me all the assistance to improve myself.

Since 2005 I have participating in various library activities and the artistic activities held by the cultural center from 2007 until 2011.