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Art Show Entitled "Phoenix"

LATTAKIA (ST) _ On the occasion of  the  anniversary of  the founding of the  Syrian Arab Army ,Union of Revolutionary  Youth Organization  presented  an art  show entitled "Phoenix" on the Dar al-Assad  theatre for culture in Lattakia.

This  show, presented  by  Ugarit band embodied  dancer art  paintings  accompanied  by different  Syrian  antiquities, emphasized the nobility of the Syrian civilization  belonging  to thousands of years.

Culture Minister calls to return to authority of culture with all its positive contents

Yerevan – Minister of Culture Issam Khalil affirmed that humanity is witnessing a dreadful project which aims to ruin minds, absolve thinking and reasoning, and adopt a trend towards acquiring information from the fastest sources without checking the validity or reliability of these sources.

During a speech at the third international conference of “Cultural Policy and Policy for Culture” which concluded its activities on Monday in Yerevan, Armenia, Khalil said that modern technological developments didn’t help in changing the “culture of authority into an authority of culture,” asserting that the authority of culture is the force that can cause humanity to transcend instincts and achieve intellectual advancement.

Syrian Drama in Ramadan 2015

During the holy month of Ramadan, people in Syria and the Arab homeland used to watch important Syrian drama works.

Though drama production has been affected by the ongoing crisis in the country in terms of quantity and by the unjust siege imposed on all aspects of life including drama-making, it continued to be competitive enough to achieve wide success because of its great ability to touch upon several issues of concern to all categories of people.

Argun Bimaristan... Sign of Greatnessof Islamic Civilization

(ST)- When Europe was punishing psychopaths by beating and murder, in the belief that they were inhabited by evil spirits, the Arabs were establishing specialized hospitals for their treatment.

A good example is Argun Bimaristan, which was established in 755 AH / 1354 AD. It is considered a typical and specialized hospital for treating mental and psychological illnesses. "Bimarstan" a word of Persian origin, Bimar means (patient) and Stan (a place or house) which means the house of patients.

Remarkable Syrian Exhibition at Bobigny Annual Festival

PARIS,(ST)_ Syrian community in France gathering took part in the annual celebration of the French Bobigny city in a special wing,  by displaying pictures of most important historical monuments and artifacts,  while a workshop about Arab calligraphy  was held on the sideline of the exhibition supervised by artist Imad al-Tayyeb.