Cultural Festivals Enhance Power of Optimism among the Syrians: Lattakia Culture Director

Lattakia,(ST)- The one- week Lattakia Culture Festival  has recently wrapped up its activities at Dar al Assad for culture and art in Lattakia province with a folk show performed by Ugarit Dance group entitled" Syria..Color, Word, Music".

He said The festival was held under the patronage of the Ministry of culture to reactivate the culture movement in the city and to mark the victory achieved by the Syrian Arab Army and allied forces on terrorism, Director of Culture Directorate in Lattakia Majd Sarem told Syria Times e-newspaper.

Sarem highlighted the success of this festival as a culture phenomenon that brought together all aspects of Syria culture.

Film Depicting Terrorists' Crimes in Syria Screened on Third Day of Syrian Cultural Week in Tunisia

TUNIS, (ST)- The Syrian Cultural Week in Tunisia continued its activities by screening a film depicting the crimes committed by the terrorist organizations against the Syrian people and civilization.

The Tunisian cities of Gabes and Monastir hosted the activities of the third day of the cultural week that included a film on the terrorists' crimes of killing and destruction in Syria in addition to several artistic shows and performances attended by a large number of people who raised the Syrian national flag and chanted phrases glorifying the hero Syrian army.

Syrian Cultural Week Kicked off in Tunis

TUNIS,(ST)-The Syrian cultural week kicked off Monday in Tunis with the participation of political analysts, artists and craftsmen, according to the state-run the 'al-Baath' newspaper.

The paper reported today that the cultural week was organized by the Baath Arab Socialist Party's leadership and Artists and Craftsmen Unions in coordination with the Tunisian Popular Front for Supporting Resistance.

The week includes exhibitions for Syrian craftworks and books, documentary films about destruction of Syrian buildings, a concert, a lecture and a film entitled 'The Father', according to the Beirut-based al-Mayadeen Television Channel, which pointed out that the Syrian delegation was welcomed in the Tunisian airport where Syrian and Tunisian flags plus President Bashar al-Assad's pictures were raised.

13 Syrian Expatriate Artists Depicts Syrian Heritage in Exhibition in Canada

MONTREAL , (ST)-The  Musée des Maîtres et artisans du Québec (the Museum of Masters and Artisans) of Saint-Laurent in Quebec, Canada, is currently presenting the works of 13 Syrian expatriate artists in an exhibition titled "Visions of Syrian Artists ".

The exhibition was organized by the Syrian Cultural Center in Canada.

The event which is highly welcomed by Canadian audience, includes oil paintings and sculpture works  using different materials and techniques. The  themes of  the artistic works deals   to with the Syrian heritage and old history in addition to modern and contemporary themes.

Syrian Artist Massa Abu Jeib among Ten Outstanding Young Persons in World

DAMASCUS- An exceptional model embodied by the young plastic artist, Massa Abu Jeib, who has been chosen lately as one of the world’s ten most distinguished youths within the “Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World (TOYP)” which is organized by the Junior Chamber International (JCI).

According to SANA, Massa enjoys creative sense that made her reach this status, represented by a number of initiatives for children and loaded with the values of love, peace and effective human action.