Preparations accomplished for the GCSE and prep exams of 2015 in Homs

Homs, (ST) - Each year, Education Directorate in Homs begins tireless work to accomplish its most important work which is, preparing for the final public examinations for the secondary and preparatory certificates since it is the outcome of a full academic year of serious and hardworking efforts to attain good results.

6000 Syrian Artifacts, Smuggled by Terrorists, Recovered

Director of the Museums Department at the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums (GDAM) Ahmad Deep has stressed that the Syrian authorities have managed to recover 6000 Syrian artifacts that were looted and smuggled by terrorists into other countries. He pointed out that 69 relics and 8 Mosaic panels were recovered from Lebanon.

In a statement of SANA, Deep said the GDAM has adopted several procedures as to preserve the Syrian antiquities from the terrorists' acts of stealing and destruction.

The Archeological city of Qanawat

The mountainous village of Qanawt is located about 80 km south of Damascus and 7km north east of Al-Sweida governorate. The archeological village which is about 1240m over the sea level was constructed on one of the city's most beautiful mountain and in front of it there is a deep valley.

Kanath: it is an ancient name of Qanawat. The name of Kanatha means the city of canals. the ancient  water canals in Qanawat form a complete water net and it is still preserved until now.

Women on Paper Currency

Glorifying prominent women leaders in history by putting their images on the currency of their countries shows how democratic and developed these countries are. It underlines how much these countries respect and recognize women's achievements in their societies.

A recent US "Time" magazine report has revealed that the United States comes far behind ten other countries which put female leaders on their paper currency, and among which Syria is the only Arab state.

Crimes against Syrian cultural heritage

The Culture ministry has strongly condemned the attacks of the armed terrorist groups against the Syrian heritage and held the Turkish, Saudi and Qatari regimes as well as the Israeli occupation authorities fully responsible for these crimes.

In a recent statement, the ministry said it is greatly concerned over the armed groups' terrorist attacks in Idleb province including the looting and destroying of the Syrian antiquities through criminal cooperation between the takfiri terrorists and the Turkish regime of Erdogan.