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Rehabilitation Project of Al- Hosn Citadel Complete

DAMASCUS,(ST)-a specialized team at the Directorate of Antiquities and Museums has finished the first stage of the  project of  repairing the Krak des Chevaliers",Al- Hosn citadel" having sustained  damages and attacks by the armed terrorist groups.

Dr. Mamoun Abdul Karim, General Director of Antiquities and Museums,  in a statement said that after the initial assessment of the damages, implementation of the first phase had been done and accomplished last month. The work included cleaning the castle of the remnants left behind by the terrorist groupings.

Syrian Tourism Day in Madrid to Shed Light on Syria’s Archeological Treasures

DAMASCUS, (ST)-The Ministry of Tourism in cooperation with the Society of Maaloula Friends is due today to kick off the Third Syrian Tourism Day in the Spanish capital Madrid.

According to Bassam Barseek, Director of Tourism Promotion at the ministry, the event, which continues till the end of July, displays pictures of Syrian archeological sites, screens films promoting Syria’s tourism and cultural heritage and holds an exhibition titled “Syrian Archeological Treasures...Humanity Heritage”.

Damascus hosts 1st Youth Cinema and Short Films Festival

DAMASCUS,(ST)-The 1st Youth Cinema and Short Films Festival has been opened at al-Assad House for Culture and Arts in Damascus.

 The Festival, organised by the General Organization for Cinema, will screen 50 films produced within the project of supporting of the Youth Cinema in 2014.

The opening Ceremony, attended by Dr.lubana Mshaweh, minister of Culture and Mohammed Al-Ahmed, Director General of the General Organization for Cinema, presented a visual show that merged the movie screen and the stage.

"Sawa" and "Syria, the alphabet of the peace": two Documentaries about the Situation in Syria

"Sawa" and "Syria, the  alphabet of  the peace" are two  documentary  films by the Syrian journalist and  the  head of Zenobia initiative  Ilham Sultan. The short film "Sawa" focused on   the candidate's campaign of President Bashar al-Assad for the presidential elections in Syria. The film "Sawa", which  is directed by Waseem Badr and produced by the  Syrian television, narrates the  situation  of security and stability in Syria  before the crisis. The Syrians  are living a peaceful life before the coming of those terrorists  who practice  all kinds of terrorism against  innocent people in Syria  and cause the destruction  of the infrastructure of the country . But Syria with its  land, its Jasmine,  its brave  army and honest  people  have  bravely faced the evil conspiracy by writing  the grandest epics and legends of heroism,  Sultan said  in an interview with SANA cultural bulletin.

Mustafa Ali:" Damascus is in my heart and I am in the heart of history"

Mustafa Ali, a well-known Syrian artist and sculptor , was born in Ugarit, Lattakia, in 1956. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus, department of sculpture, in 1979.

Then, he continued his studies at the Fine Arts Academy in Carrara, Italy 1996.

The artist Mustafa Ali is a member in  each of the Fine Arts Association, the Arab Plastic Artists Union and the Supreme Committee for collectibles in the Ministry of  Culture.

Artist Mustafa Ali has dozens of exhibitions starting in 1988 in  Ishtar gallery in Damascus, then in the nineties  he hold several solo exhibitions in Damascus, Beirut and Amman and after the year 2000  he moved  to  Aleppo, Bahrain and France. Mustafa Ali's   joint exhibitions began in 1987 at the  World  Sculpture Forum   in Berlin and then in the World Forum for sculptors in Valencia, Spain. Also, Ali  participated in the Europe Art  exhibition  in Paris and in the Arab Art Festival in Montreal, Canada.

The sculptor Mustafa Ali got several awards including the Bronze Award at the Sharjah Biennial in 1992 and the Gold Award in Lattakia Biennial in 1997.

The artist Ali  established the renowned  Damascus art center "the Mustafa Ali Art Foundation", which had  attracted visitors  who are interested in culture, art and heritage. Besides, Ali has been chosen recently by the Arabian Business magazine as one of the most influential personalities in the Arab  world  for the year 2014.