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Syrian youth cinema confronts culture of death

The 2nd Short films and youth cinema festival concluded Sunday its activities in the Damascus Opera House in the presence of Syrian actors and actresses plus Egyptian delegation head by the Director Omar Abdul Aziz.

Six films out of 26 ones , dealt with the current crisis in Syria, won awards after the judgment that was described  by the Director Abdul Latif Abdul Hamid as 'just and logical'.

Al-Mohannad Haidar, the Director of the film that won the Golden prize, said that the project of supporting youths cinema is a leading project. "We, the young directors, make cinema in this country, which will remain steadfast in confronting the culture of death."

Syrian government to develop social and aid programs

Social Affairs Ministry and the Danish Refugees Council have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to cooperate in the field of development and social programs in Syria.

According to the press office in the ministry, the MoU was signed on Wednesday by Minister of Social Affairs Reem al-Qaderi and the regional director of the Danish council in Damascus.

It aims to develop programs of social care and humanitarian aid being offered to persons affected by the nearly five-year-old crisis in Syria, especially women and children.

"Yassmin", a Film Depicting Syrian Children under terrorism threats

"Yassmin" (Jasmine), a Syrian film directed by Al-Mohannad Kalthoum is taking part in the official competition of Afghanistan's Human Rights Film Festival which is being held in Kabul between December 6 and 9, 2015.

Despite security challenges in Afghanistan, the festival's administration aimed to shed light on just social and humanitarian issues and on human rights in the world.

In a statement to the “Syriatimes e-newspaper”, director Kalthoum said "the 26-minute "Yassmin" film tells the stories of different Syrian children experiencing very difficult circumstances under the ongoing terrorism crimes against their country.

Amazing art works for young people with special needs in Damascus

Young people with special needs have taken part in an exhibition opened Sunday in Abo Remmaneh Cultural Center in Damascus on the occasion of the International Day of People with Disability.

Najdat Anzour finishes shooting movie on ISIS (Daesh)

The Syrian Director Najdat Anzour has finished shooting a movie tackling misconceptions that affect the society and the conflict between extremism and moderation in religion.

The movie entitled ' transient and dissipate' focuses on the Syrian people's suffering from the misconceptions and their determination to live their normal lives despite the difficult circumstance Syria is going through.