"Artisans for the Environment" Exhibition in Lattakia


An "Artisans for the Environment" Exhibition has recently been held in Lattakia.

The Syria Times e-newspaper toured the exhibition and met a number of participants in the event who stressed the importance of holding such an events to show the sweetness of the spirit among the Syrian artists and their commitment to the environmental issues.

Engineer Maya Yassin, head of Environmental Awareness Department at the Environment Directorate, said: "We are seeking, within the plan of the Environmental Awareness Department in the Environment Department, to raise the level of environmental awareness among citizens through holding various activities in the form of environmental initiatives such as cleaning campaigns in the streets and neighborhoods, exhibitions, tours and interactive activities within schools.

Syrian Women Artists Celebrate International Women's Day

Under the Patronage of Dr. Najah al-Attar, Vice President, Al-Sayed art gallery recently held an art exhibition entitled "Syrian Women a History and Civilization" marking International Women's Day. The exhibition showcased 30 artistic painting and sculpture works by six women artists.

Artists Nadia Naeem, Sarab Arous, Ghada Haddad, Noha Jabbara, Vivian Sayegh and Lina Dib each presented her own vision on woman using different styles and techniques inspired by different Syrian experiences, ideas and ancient personalities.

Adnan Azzam Unmasks Hidden Face of War on Syria before French Public Opinion

With a view to confirming the concomitance of military, political and cultural victories as a guarantee of the continuity of Syria’s active presence in the international arena, the cultural project entitled ‘Syria, the World’ was launched in 2017.

The project comes within the program of world dialogue launched by the Baath Arab Socialist Party (BASP) during a French delegation’s visit to Damascus and it aims to convey the beautiful image of Syria to the whole world, Adnan Azzam, the Syrian expatriate and writer who is living in France told the Syriatimes e-newspaper.

Sculptor Rami Waqqaf's Exhibition in London Celebrates Natural Elements

The wonderful bronze works of Syrian sculptor Rami Waqqaf,  within a collective exhibition held recently at the Kings Road Art Gallery in Chelsea district in London, Britain, was welcomed by British audience, especially that theme of the exhibition depicted elements of nature and  the way the sculptor dealt with  them.

The exhibition celebrated natural elements such as water, air and fire and each participant presented his/her works according to their own vision.

"Syrian Days" Event in France to Shed Light Events in Syria

PARIS– The “Syrian Days” event will be launched on Saturday in France and will include a number of cultural and art activities, with the aim of conveying the truth about what is happening in Syria to the French people and shedding light on the terrorism affecting Syrians, SANA reported.

The organizer of the Activity, Adnan Azzam, who is a Syrian expatriate and writer living in France, said that all necessary preparations have been completed for carrying out the activity in different cities in France within the framework of “Syria, the World” project.