The "Harvest" painting crowns Syria with bronze in an international children's Picture Contest

In a new cultural achievement, the "Harvest" painting that depicts  the Syrian heritage during the wheat harvest season painted by  15-year-old, Majd Al-Zaqout, won the bronze award in the "27th Annual World Children's Picture Contest', organized by Hikari Foundation in cooperation with the Japanese National Organization for Agricultural Cooperation.

SANA quoted Al-Zaqout as saying: "The golden colors of the painting expressing joy, goodness and blessing embody the aesthetics of the immaterial Syrian heritage during the ritual of the wheat harvest season.

“Gardenia” coral sings for children to confront Coronavirus

Damascus, (ST) - Women singers trained in the field of operatic singing and accompanied by academic musicians, together founded the Gardenia Choir in 2016 with the aim of presenting the musical works of women trained in the field of operatic singing and accompanied by academic musicians.

“Coral Gardenia” will participate in the “activities of the culture in your house” organized by the Ministry of Culture as part of the procedures to tackle the Coronavirus through a ceremony for children, which aims to support the formation of a choir for children in Sahnaya in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program.

Creativity of The Syrian National Symphony Orchestra Never Stops

While every country has its own language, there is only one language we can all understand: the language of music..

The Syrian  National Symphony Orchestra is  of  great and  remarkable importance due to its  humanitarian message addressed to the world that  creativity  in Syria has continued during the extraordinary circumstances of the war  and in the light of  the precautionary measures adopted  to tackle the Corona virus.

The Syrian National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Missak Baghboudarian, represented Syria’s deep-rooted civilization in many Arab and foreign forums.

Two Syrian short films take part in International Virtual Festival in Algeria

Syria is among the 16 Arab and European countries taking part in the International Virtual Festival for short films in Algeria.

Two Syrian short films: “One Hundred Pounds” and “Second Class”, produced by the General Establishment for Cinema in support of youth cinema project in Syria, will be presented via internet within the festival’s official competition.

All the films participating in the festival, which is organized by the National Committee for Youths’ Cultural Activities in Algeria, will be presented via internet for viewers to vote on.

Shows start on the internet as of June 15 and last for a week. The final results of the competition are to be announced on June 25.

The National Museum in Damascus maintains its international rank and hosts a musical evening

In the center of the capital, Damascus, in the area of “Al-Baramkeh”, the “National Museum” sits as one of the most visited destinations in Syria and one of the most important Arab museums. The “National Museum” carries an international human value due to the fact that it contains  the most prominent discovered Syrian antiquities covering thousands of years and representing some of Syria’s ancient history.

The first phase of the Damascus Museum building was constructed in 1936, where the first pavilion was dedicated to Syrian antiquities in the eras of the Greeks and Romans and to the antiquities of Arab Islamic art. Then the rest of the pavilions were constructed in stages to become one of the ten most important museums in the world according to the classification of the British Museum.