Exhibition Showcasing Syrian Contemporary Art Held in Iran's City of Tabriz

TEHRAN, (ST)- A fine art exhibition showcasing the Syrian contemporary art was opened on Sunday at the Islamic Art University in the Iranian city of Tabriz.

Four prominent Syrian artists are taking part in the four-day event, exhibiting 40 pieces selected from their most distinguished artworks which include, painting, Scupture and photography.

"Amina" a Film Depicting Patience and Sacrifices of Syrian Mothers during the War

In order to shed light on the human and social impacts of the crisis in Syria, especially  on Syrian women,  the General Establishment for Cinema have produced a number of documentary films that tell different stories of people who suffered the repurcussions of the brutal terrrorist war on Syria.

Within this context , the public screening of the feature film “Amina” kicked off at “Dar Al-Assad” for Culture in Lattakia province on Friday in the presence of the film Director Ayman Zeidan and a number of participating artists.

"Syrian Plastic Art Days" Festivity in Lattakia

 Plastic art exhibitions and forums are considered cultural and civilized phenomenon. They are mobile artistic libraries which are linked to the varied fields of innovation.

"Art is a message of civilization, history and innovation and it is one of the finest types of expression. Art’s messages are uncountable as every artist has his own views to express," Syrian artist Hiyam Salman told the Syriatimes e-newspaper on the sidelines of a plastic art exhibition currently held in Lattakia within the framework of the "The Syrian Plastic Art Days” Festivity, which was recently launched by the Culture Ministry in all Syrian provinces and which included several intellectual and artistic activities.

Syrian Plastic Art Days, a Panoramic Vision on State of Contemporary Plastic Art in Syria

DAMASCUS-The 1st edition of the “Syrian Plastic Art Days” festivity, which  kicked off at Dar al-Assad for Culture and Arts on Wednesday evening,  aims at providing a panoramic vision on the state of contemporary plastic art in Syria.

According to SANA, the festivity includes a special ceremony to honor prominent artists, collective exhibitions and  artistic workshops that will be organized in Damascus and across the Syrian provinces.

A documentary film narrating the development of plastic art in Syria since the very beginning and its pioneers was displayed at the opening ceremony, in addition  to honoring  a number of prominent artists, some of whom passed away,  including  sculptor Nizar Alloush, photographer Nazir Ismael and the art critic Abdul Aziz Alloun,  and other rising artists whose  contributions and experiences have been enriching the plastic art movement in Syria throughout the years, such as Wahid Magharbeh,  Ihsab Eintabi and Nashaat al-Zoubi.

Syria's Culture Day Activities Highlighted Syria's Deep-Rooted Civilization

"Culture is a highly- respected human behavior and a state of progress and self-esteem. It is important because it helps people maintain a unique social identity and without our culture we are completely disconnected from our souls” Mr. Majed Sarem, Director of Culture in Lattakia Province said in a statement to the Syriatimes-e newspaper, highlighting the deliberations of the week-long "Culture Day" event, which was kicked off on November 26th by the culture ministry marking its 60th foundation anniversary.

"Syria is home to the oldest and most advanced civilizations of the world and it enjoys long cultural history," Mr. Sarem said.

Talking about the activities held on Syria's Culture Day, Mr. Saem said the Culture ministry intensified its different activities in all the Syrian provinces to present a cultural message that expresses the deep-rooted culture and civilization of Syria.