Wide participation of artists from different countries in an electronic exhibition

Fine artists from Syria and abroad have released their works within an electronic art exhibition on social media websites which is organized by the Ornina Forum for Culture and Arts in Homs.

According to the Director of the Ornina Cultural Forum Raymon Kapron who told a SANA correspondent that the exhibition aims to disseminate culture and the sense of art and humanity, and develop thought and the sense of beauty, especially during this period in which most cultural activities stopped and the websites became the best outlet  for publication and communication with the public.

“ Deal of the Century will not Pass thanks to Resistance” a Literary and Artistic Competition Launched by Iranian Cultural Center in Damascus

Under the title “Deal of the Century will not Pass thanks to Resistance” , the cultural  center  of the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran  in Damascus  has launched the third session of  Imam Khomeini annual competition  for literary and artistic creativity in poetry, story and plastic arts.

The competition in the field of poetry requires that the number of verses of the participating poem range between  20 to 25 verses and  the short story does not exceed 5 pages and 12,000 words written in Classical Arabic. The plastic arts of the competition  include photography, acrylic, and graphics.

Khan Asaad Pasha in Damascus , a Masterpiece of Islamic Architecture

Nestled in the Old City in Damascus , Khan Asaad Pasha is one of the most prominent edifices of Islamic architecture, reflecting the city history and civilizations that rose and fell in it across ages..

It is the largest and most noteworthy of the several dozens of khans in the old city of Damascus . The khan is considered one of the most impressive edifices in the orient in regard to its area and its Islamic architectural style.
The marvelous Khan Asaad Pasha was chosen by the Ministry of Culture to host the activity of “ Culture in your Home”.

The Syrian women's Eastern Music Band honors Al-Assad University Hospital doctors and nurses

The Syrian Eastern Women Music  Band will hold a concert on June 5 for the medical and nursing staff at Al-Assad University Hospital in appreciation of their role during the response to the Corona virus.

The concert will be held within the activities of the “Culture in your home”.
The band is trying to bring together through its project the ingenuity and the constant aspiration for the best  hoping for the revival of the Syrian and Arab musical heritage in all its forms and with a feminist perspective.

Qasr al-Athm Palace in Old Quarter of Damascus- Masterpiece Archeological Heritage Returns to Spotlight in “Culture in Your Home”Event

Qasr al-Athm Archaeological Palace in the old quarter of Damascus is yet to restore its role in cultural life,notably impacted by the Corona virus measures. The Palace shall host a concert by Orpheus Orchestra next Monday, within the activities of "Culture in Your Home".

Occupying an area of more than 5500 square meters, Qasr al-Athm Palace is a unique example of Islamic architecture and that made it center of many activities and events.