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The annual cultural conference, specialized subjects in the wartime culture of children

Damascus, (ST)  - The second annual cultural conference was devoted over two consecutive days to the culture of children in wartime amid the presence of a number of researchers and specialists in children's issues, where they raised many discussions and questions in order to address the effects of the terrorist war on Syria in the hearts of children.

The conference hosted by the Al-Assad National Library in which Dr. Issa Al-Shammas talked about the psychological effects of the war on Syrian children. Researcher Ilham Muhammad highlighted the mechanisms of working to bridge the gaps produced by the war within children's educational programs, especially a segment of whom the conditions of war forced them to stop studying.

Symposium on the Damascene Letters

Damascus (ST): The Damascene Centre for Visual Arts in cooperation with Civil Syria Society held a symposium and a signing ceremony for the book titled "Damascene Letters" which includes the impressions of 21 political, cultural and media figures about the city of Damascus.

At the beginning of the symposium, head of Civil Syria Society Tareq al-Ahmad made a speech in which he talked about the Society which was founded in 2015 with the aim of confronting the devastating Takfiri thought and promoting affiliation to Syria.

Member of the politburo of the Lebanese al-Marada Current Vera Yamin talked about her contribution to the book in which she highlighted the crucial role played by the city of Damascus, noting that without this city, there is no genuine Arab identity and no Arabic language.

Dr. Shaaban: Syria has treasures of oral history and "Wathiqat Watan" seeks to preserve the country's cultural identity

The past eight years of foreign-backed terrorist war on Syria have badly affected the life of all the Syrians and produced a lot of painful experiences so that one can hardly find a Syrian who hasn't suffered in one way or another or who doesn't have a touching story to tell.

 To provide a platform for all the Syrians who have encountered ordeals or passed through hardships during the war to speak or write about what happened to them, Wathiqat Watan, a national non-governmental and non-profit organization established in 2016, launched last August a competition called "Hekayati" (my story) for best short true story. The aim has been to tell the world the truth about what happened in Syria and to disseminate awareness about writing Syria's history in order to preserve the national memory from loss or distortion and to document the details of the heinous war on Syria through people's stories.

 Wathiqat Watan organization received, over two months, hundreds of stories by Syrians of different age categories from all provinces. The stories were studied by a team of researchers and experts at the organization and in fact, it wasn't easy for members of the jury (writer Nabil Saleh, journalist Nahla al-Susou and writer Hasan Hamid) to select from among 475 stories only twelve works to win the competition's prizes, since most of the stories were well-written and deserved to winning the researchers stressed.

Intellectuals and researchers: Syria's steadfastness foiled the attempts to target Arab national identity

Syrian and Arab intellectuals and researchers have unanimously agreed that the Arab national identity is subjected to distortion attempts, underlining the urgency that this must be faced by focusing on our cultural and civilizational identity, fortifying generations and heading to the world with one vision. They indicate  that Syria was able, through its steadfastness, struggle and sacrifices, to stand in the face of these attempts.

Syrian Plastic Art Exhibition "Al- Kharif "(the Autumn), surprises its visitors with the number and quality of works

Damascus, ST- "Al-Kharif" exhibition which was held yesterday at Khan Asaad Pasha in Damascus, surprises the visitors with the number and quality of the participating works and the attendance of many famous artists in plastic art.

The exhibition was held by the Ministry of Culture, as part of the activities of the Syrian Art Days. Tawfiq Al-Imam, Deputy Minister of Culture, said in a press statement: “The number of the participating works in the exhibition was very large where about 215 works were chosen through a committee that included artists from the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Union of Plastic Artists. Thus, the exhibition, which has been held annually since the 1950s, will still maintain its beauty and uniqueness, thus, plastic art will take an important role in our daily life.